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(Mostly) links on fanfic policies - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Tue May. 11th, 2010

02:12 am - (Mostly) links on fanfic policies

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Fandom Wank has linked Diana Gabaldon's rantage which started the latest round of comments on fanfic by all and sundry.

Jim Butcher changes his mind.
So has Merceces Lackey. (Scroll down.)

George R. R. Martin hasn't. nihilistic_kid has something to say about it, and a lot to say about Lovecraft. The discussion it worth reading, too.

Charles Stross keeps it concise. I especially like item C2.
John Scalzi is more wordy and pouts because he does not get enough fanfic.

kate_nepveu looks at the practical side of things.

Cecilia Tan wants to encourage fanfic of her works and has a lawyer's letter for it.


And now to somthing completely different: Krista of stumptuous has an awesome rant about fitness, ideal bodies, photoshop and disordered eating. It's so full of quotables that I cannot decide where to start. Also, the two videos on "How to lose weight and look younger... with Photoshop" are eye-openers (even if they have annoying ads in them).

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