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Clothing woes - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Mon May. 24th, 2010

07:36 pm - Clothing woes

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I'm going through my wardrobe again, and it breaks my heart to throw out (i.e. give to charity) stuff that is hardly worn, brand-name, good quality, great looking, only three sizes too large.

Keep it, for when the weight comes back?
Give it to charity?
Try to sell it to a second-hand store?
Spam all my friends if they want it?

Just in case, does anyone want:

ETA: It's done. Two more boxes marked for "going out" (I listed only the really good things above, not the 25 Euro four-years-old-but-OK stuff). I am now in the land of abundant clotheshangers and half-empty wardrobes. Among the "going out", but not in a box are the Big Cat Memorial T-Shirts, which have the kinds of holes that happen when you cuddle an enthusiastic, sharp-clawed, 15 lbs cat that loves you very much. Putting so much cotton which should be recyclable in the trash makes me unhappy.

Current Mood: pensivepensive