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More Links - The Lyorn's Den

Fri Jun. 24th, 2005

12:27 pm - More Links

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Writing, eyecandy, useless data, amazing stories, chocolate, quotes and stories!


On creating languages

Advice for writers, u.a. viewpoint, and How to make your char sympathetic

Notes from the Slush Pile, and On Making Up Names.
(When you have the time, read the comments.)

Scams, or, Things you need to know about Publish America

Book Assembly Photo-Journal (lots of pictures, do not try this on a slow connection)

Surviving in Space

How to fight of a shark, and many more! (needs Flash 5)


Dramatic Gowns (lots of pictures)


What was top of the US/UK charts on your birthday?


Dinosaurs attacking the Ark!

Ligers and Tigons

German link: "Bild", Saddam, und Paragraph 129a(5)

German link: Grooooosse Bagger!
"The Machine to End all Machines". (The comments are fun.)


Austrian Chocolate in some really exotic flavours.


"I am socially inept outside of situations that involve sarcasm, guns, horses, ballet, felonies, or expletives."
--- ginmar in her LJ, June 3rd 05

"There's not much point [...] in arguing with someone who's convinced that the Martians are stealing his toilet paper."
--- Neil Gaiman in his blog, June 3rd 05


Title: Megiddo
Author: Alan P. Scott
Length: 3000 words
Why read it? Because with a first sentence like this, "The angel stooped on me out of the desert sun. I barely had time to shoulder my launcher and trigger a glory-seeking missile before he reached me.", how can you not?
Why not read it? Not in the fandom.

Title: Bruce Campbell vs. The Army of Fangirls
Author: Weyoun
Length: 3500 words
Why read it? It's fun.
Why not read it? You read that type of story before, and it wasn't much fun the first time around.

Title: Duncan MacLeod and the Stone Chicken
Author: Astrochick
Length: 11,500 words
Why read it? Monty Python goes well with the weather.
Why not read it? It's silly.

Title: Magweth Pengolodh: The Question of Pengolod
Author: Tyellas
Length: 90,000 words
Why read it? It's about Numenor, and languages, and boat races, and all the details that make a world.
Why not read it? Little action, no strong plot, and long.