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Moving stuff

Gwydion is moving to another flat, and needed help, so I spent today, together with Florian, schlepping boxes of stuff and unwieldy furniture down three-and-a-half flights of stairs, and then down another one because the new flat is in the basement. Ceridwen coordinated the packing of boxes because she was in no state to carry anything heavy. I'm dead on my feet. I swear I went down (and up!) those stairs 20 times today, carrying everything from a large but light box of rolled-up posters, to 25 kilo boxes of books or IKEA shelves.

Usually I would consider it a job well done. I'm going to the gym to get more functional strength, and helping a friend move is very functional. So, good thing. The not-so-good thing is the the job is not done. Moving Gwydion's stuff is a Herculean task, requiring one half-god in need of a challenge, or, lacking that, a well-organised team of twelve people and a large van or small lorry.

We had four people (plus mad_freddy and K___, who came in for a few hours before noon) and a tiny van. We need to be fininshed tomorrow, because Monday we won't even have that tiny van. We have now, after 8 hours of work, moved about 30% of the stuff (and that's not counting the contents of the attic and the cellar which we have not even started to consider).

Gods less fortunate, I hate "stuff". I hate how it accumulates. I hate how it is dusty and dirty. I hate how it competes with people for space and eats up attention. I hate the million tiny knick-knacks, thingamajics, whatchacallits and whatisthisevengoodfors which are impossible to pack efficiently. I hate giant, unstable, breakable pieces of furniture that cannot be dismantled and weigh a ton. If I weren't dead on my feet, I'd have decluttered the bathroom after coming home just to show clutter in general who's the boss here.

Instead Ceridwen and I went to my place at 10 in the evening, had tea and enjoyed general un-clutteredness of the living room.

If my back, shoulder and knees are up to it, more of the same tomorrow. Going to bed now.
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