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Food, and the rest of the week

It's cool today, and the long slog of August seems to come to an end, finally. July was endless this year, and August even longer. June is a faint memory. Wake me up when September begins.

Monday everyone was still recovering from the move, so instead of RPGing, we ate lemon cake and talked, and called it a night rather early. Tuesday (gods, it seems as if that was two weeks ago) I went to donate blood, where I met mad_freddy and K___, which was kind of funny. My blood pressure was lower than last time even (100/60), but they still let me donate, and I managed not to faint the whole week, though I had to sit down abruptly a few times. Wednesday was choir ensemble practise, and we agreed to go to Ochsenhausen again in January. Thursday I went to the gym and still didn't faint afterwards. I'm impressed with myself. It also was unpleasantly hot and awfully damp, and I bicycled home in my sweaty gym clothes because I'd have been drenched again anyway after that short bicycle ride. Friday we had planned an RPG, but half of the players were sick and one had to work, so I went into town for shopping (again). Only to have my mobile ring while in the changing room, and cyrna telling me, hey, I___ got off work early, we can play! To which I said, somewhat miffed about how mobiles enable changes of plan so short-term that one gets whiplash, "Well, I can't." I got a new sports bra (again), and new blue jeans that are as spandex-y as they all come today, which is very annoying. I really dislike the way the cloth feels, and how it constantly searches for the path of least diameter, which, on me, is *down*. I also ogled boots, which I cannot wear anyway, and a long leather jacket (or short trench coat) that was awesome but awfully expensive. And I got a belt, because the stretch pants are not the only ones feeling the call of gravity. (I have said before that this is getting silly, haven't I?) I left the store a little after closing time, in a rainstorm.

Saturday finally arrived. I had to get cat stuff (the cats broke the old transport box while playing in it), and cheese (because I'm visiting my mother soon, and she doesn't need any more flowers), a good-bye card for my boss (that was the hardest to find, actually), tea, and the leather jacket (class five glamour, obviously). I returned home with one hell of a headache and went to bed. And then Ceridwen was calling that Leo and S___ were in town, and I had suggested earlier that they might want to come over and meet the cats. So we agreed to meet around seven and cook dinner together.

Which brings me to the altogether more fun and more rewarding part of the week: Food!

Pasta with salmon sauce

I only watched this being made from the doorway, making stupid comments (as is the habitual right of the person standing in the doorway), but there were fresh tagliatelle, garlic, a lot of scallions, a bag of fresh tomatoes, olive oil, vegetable and chicken broth, lamb's lettuce, four slices of salmon, cream, and a ready-made mix of balsamic vinegar and grape must. The chopped garlic got thrown into the semi-hot olive oil, then the sliced tomatoes and sliced scullions, water and some broth. The whole thing cooked on medium high until it became pasta sauce shaped. In the meantime, the lettuce got cleaned and a big pot of water heated. The tagliatelle took only two minutes in the boiling water, same as the diced salmon in the no-longer boiling sauce. Some cream in the sauce, some olive oil, salad vinegar, a leftover scallion, salt and pepper on the lamb's lettuce, a bottle of wine and a bag of grated parmesan on the table, and everyone was very happy (and not long after, very stuffed).

Chocolate-hazelnut muffins with extra chocolate

I got this recipe from fancy_baking, and was waiting for an opportunity to use my new silicon muffin tray anyway, so this was it. Mixed 150g flour, most of the sugar I still had in the cupboard (200g), 50g ground hazelnuts, a teaspoon of baking powder (might have used more, in retrospect), two tablespoons of baking cocoa, a teaspoon of vanilla sugar, and a little bit of salt in one bowl. Mixed two medium-sized eggs, some milk (I got confused, and cannot tell how much milk. Between 100 and 200ml, I think), 50g vegetable oil and a shot of whisky in another, larger bowl. Poured the dry stuff on the wet stuff, stirred energetically for about 10 seconds, then added 120g chopped dark chocolate, stirred another five seconds, and poured the very fluid dough into my new muffin tray. (Which I had washed hot with detergent, then rinsed cold, and then carefully dried the part where the dough goes in.) Baked 40 minutes at 180 degrees. The dough hardly rose at all (the reverse, I feel, if that is even possible), but the muffins were easy to get out of the tray after cooling for ten minutes, and are nice and heavy and sweet and very strong on the chocolate. Not bad at all.

Spiced cheese stuff (Käsecreme)

As I'm visiting my mother soon, everything in the fridge that won't keep will have to get eaten. Which in some cases needs a re-combination. I had Bulgarian white cheese, which I use for casseroles, and Greek sheep milk's yoghurt, which I use for salad sauces, and there are no casseroles or salads planned for the upcoming week. So I mashed those two together with one or two fresh chopped coriander leaves, a teaspoon of fresh chopped oregano, three garlic cloves, tomato concentrate, Heinz Sun Dried Tomato Sauce, salt, black pepper, paprika powder, cayenne pepper, cumin, and a little bit of sugar. I ate some of it with a Turkish flatbread heated in the oven, but there's still enough left for dinner on Tuesday.

And now I have to do the dishes.
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