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I'm back - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Tue Sep. 7th, 2010

09:57 pm - I'm back

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I had been visiting my mother for a few days, and it was surprisingly nice. There was no fight (OK, so her boyfriend went on a bicycle tour two days in my stay, that made it easier), the rooms weren't overheated, there was food, and I wasn't bored out of my mind. The weather helped -- it was mild and sunny every single day -- so did the fact that I was in dire need of sleep and slept 10 or more hours. I was mildly bored, but that's OK. Did a lot of sudokus, some crossword puzzles, read all the newspapers in the house, and two crime novels. Still did not get that stupid monologue written, but in one of the crime novels I discovered how embarrassing it sounds when a writer has a character monologue unironically in stereotypes, so the villain monologue can consider itself kicked out of the story.

We went to some places where we used to be often, and looked at how they had changed. The walk through the heath was exactly the same, only really crowded, but it had always been that way on weekends in August and September. The buckwheat cake was as good as ever.

The big river was still there, though most of the ships were gone (it was Sunday), and the water was cleaner and less smelly than it ever was when I was a kid. We visited the house we used to live in and met our ex-landlord's widow and her younger daughter, who showed us our old place. It was a lot smaller than I remembered, which is little wonder. There were a lot of new houses everywhere, but my body remembered all the curves in the road. I could tell my mother where to turn by observing how I shifted my weight in the seat. Later we drove along the river and tried to remember where all the people we used to know used to live.

The park in the town where I'd gone to school had become three times its original size, if not more, an incorporated a lot of what used to be overgrown wasteland. I always liked the wasteland, I'm not sure I like the new park. It's pretentious, and has too much concrete and no old trees. A lot of tiny landing stages have been built into the small river, those would have been great to have when we were bathing there as kids. (The small river was never that dirty.) There is no main street left in the town, just a shopping mall on its edge. My mother said that the bookstore is still on main street, though.

One of the large grocery chains is now closing at 11pm, and IKEA at 10pm, but the main street stores in the next larger city, the place where one went to buy clothes, shoes and books even when I was a teen, closed at 7. Which was a nasty surprise to me, because we went shopping on Monday, and I had planned to check out everything, and then go back to the places where I had found promising stuff and try it on. But we also wanted to have cake and hot chocolate at the place that has the best hot chocolate in town, so we cut a little short on trying things on. Which was for the best, probably, because I can dither about what to buy forever and go home without buying anything if you let me.

We had bread and cheese for breakfast every day (except for Monday, when we had pancakes), and beef and hash browns every evening (except for Sunday, when I made a vegetable casserole). We even had chocolate. As I had feared, my mother talked about my losing so much weight all of the time, but other than I had feared I did not freak out about it.

Today I came home at noon, met Ceridwen in my flat where she was feeding the cats (Tully had raided the food box on Saturday and has got a little chubby). We decided to go into town, had coffee, and I got my hair cut. I look like a hobbit now.

Back to work tomorrow. Sigh.

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