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Note to self: City by car -- don't. - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Sep. 19th, 2010

12:19 am - Note to self: City by car -- don't.

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Never, ever, drive to the city on a Saturday. If you have to go to a store that is not easily reached by public transport, go there by car, then find a park&ride parking lot and take the streetcar into the city.

The day had started so well with a four hour ensemble practise, which went great, and a nice lunch (Leek quiche with peanuts, and onion cake). Then I drove to the city, first to get a really big seat cushion (which was the reason I did not take public transport), then to try to get cheap jeans from a clean-out sale. Then, I planned to buy groceries on the way back home, and bake cookies in the evening.

It went fine until I had the cushion and was driving into the inner city. I spent one hour today to find a car park with some space free. The fifth car park had some free spaces, and on the 7th level I actually found one which was not created by someone with a big car over-occupying his space. The car parks are more than ten years old, and cars have become ridiculously large on the outside in the last decade. (Not on the inside, though. They are doing it wrong.)

Success in getting jeans for 20 Euro. No success in getting a small waistcoat to go with my selection of T-shirts and blouses. Feet hurting on the cobblestones in my soft shoes, and it was already half past five, (and the shops close at 8 pm), so back to my car I trudged. Drove off, and on the 6th level I found myself at the end of the queue, which didn't move for 15 minutes. I was hungry, impatient, and had to buy groceries, so I got my cell phone, called the number on the parking ticket and asked if it would cause their payment machines to break down if I put two more hours on my already-paid ticked. They said it was fine and explained that the road away from the car park was blocked. So I left the car at the next free space (there were those now, at least), walked back out, and wondered where in the inner city I could get yeast and creme fraiche. Turned out that the sub-basement of one of the department stores had a delicatessen section that was full of shiny, shiny food-things, but also had staple fare. Some levels higher, I found a nice waistcoat. And at the Starbucks next door, I got a grande chocolate mocha whith full fat milk and cream on top. Looking at the menu of half-fat, no-fat and soy milk and ordering full-fat and cream made me happy. The mocha made me even happier, because it was half past seven by then and I had been getting really hungry.

All traffic jams were gone when I got back to the car and drove home. I had tea and made Chocolate Chip Cookies. They were good, but I need to fine-tune time and temperature some more.

Not a bad day, but looooong. And no fun driving at all. I need a motorbike again.

Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished