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Cooking: Chanterelle soup - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Mon Sep. 27th, 2010

12:36 am - Cooking: Chanterelle soup

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I had bought some chanterelles on Saturday to put them into a pumpkin soup today, but as mad_freddy and K___ unexpectedly invited me to a pastry-shop-testing in the afternoon, dinner happened late, and I decided on something a bit faster to make.

Chanterelle soup

I diced one shallot and one clove of garlic and gently browned them in one teaspoon of butter on medium heat in a small pot. Meanwhile, I peeled and diced one medium-sized potato, cleaned a good two handful of chanterelles and chopped them a little. Two-third of the chanterelles and the potato went into the pot. Roasted it for about two minutes on high, then put in about half a litre of water, scratched the brown off the bottom of the pot, added a tablespoon of instant veggie broth, some pepper and a small branch of thyme. Let boil on medium for 15 minutes, get out the thyme branch and puree the soup as well as possible. (It was not quite enough for the hand mixer to get at it is it should.) Then put in the rest of the chanterelles and leave on slow boil for 5 more minutes, take it off the heat and stir a tablespoon of cream cheese in.

Very tasty, though I might have used too much broth (or should have used unsalted butter), it was quite salty. I had some brown bread with it.

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