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My week - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Oct. 17th, 2010

12:24 pm - My week

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It had its ups and downs.

Sunday I went to another VHS class, this one about looking and sounding good when speaking. I have the most horrible hang-ups about my speaking voice, coming back from having a speech disability as a kid that did not get treated until I was 13 and then only somewhat cursorily, and from people telling me all the time that my speaking voice is too high to be heard well, or at all. (No one complains that my soprano singing voice is too soft. Not for long, at least.) It was the most perfect weather outside, we were in a gym with large windows, and everything was very nice, fun and relaxed and well worth it.

The brilliant weather lasted through most of the week, but of course I had to work. Monday's Werewolf RolePlayingGame got cancelled because the GM had a cold, so I could get some stuff done at work and go the gym afterwards. And find out why the women-only gym is better than the mixed one. It's not the men. It's the women. In this case, a gaggle of giggling bimbos sipping on their sports drinks at the bar and flirting with the trainer. Also, blocking the way from the changing room to the stairs to the weight room and obviously thinking that anyone going up to the weights room anyway could just start by lifting 40 kilos of bimbo plus bar stool plus sports drink out of the way. I was tempted.

Tuesday brought more work, and music, and cold. I was freezing at band practise. Brrr.

Wednesday was just as cold, and I had planned to visit R___, so wore two woollen sweaters on top of one another, and thick hiking socks in my boots, so that I would survive bicycling back 10 km late at night. But instead we had an unexpected ensemble practise, and because I was picking up Ceridwen by car, I didn't get to test if I had warm enough gear for bicycling in October. We had a voice trainer for an hour or 90 minutes, who wanted all kinds of complicated moves, and when a folder of sheet music sneaked up on me and attacked me from behind, I fell over it and went down in the middle between two chairs. Fortunately, the folder was only playful and not hungry, but I had a moment of Someone Call A Waaaaambulance!!! because I'm clumsy and take up too much space and inanimate object hate me. That evening I tried making steak at home and let the frying pan get too hot. Nothing burned, but I managed to fog the whole kitchen and give myself a scare. I also got a flu shot that day.

Thursday was glorious. I left work a little early, just so that I would not be kept in late, and discovered a very impressive (if not exactly cheap, sigh) solution to my latest "I've got nothing to wear"-problem in a very nice store full of shiny things. After that in Capoeira class I took my revenge on all sneaking folders and inconveniently placed chairs: I ran into nothing, didn't fall down even once, and could do all the moves. It was really perfect, going to about 80 per cent of what I can do, which made it worth doing, but neither frustrating nor painful. I was completely exhausted when I came home and so sweaty that I had to wash my hair. Just perfect.

Of course, like the sunny autumn weather, nothing good can last, and Friday it was raining. We had to drive over to a neighbouring town for work to learn how the other folks are doing it, which was quite interesting, but meant that other work was not getting done. I felt I had done enough, though, left soon after we returned and went into town to get chocolate. Next to the chocolate shop is a second hand shop, and I got not only chocolate but also a winter coat. Which was really a last-minute-buy, as the weather was getting colder and damper by the hour.

I managed to catch an hour of sleep before the fantasy role-playing group arrived, and was in a much, much better mood than I usually am for that particular campaign. We were investigating disappearing grain from a city warehouse. The magistrate wanted to hang someone for it and had decided on the accountant. We felt that it made no sense at all to steal what was pretty much the most common and cheapest good around. I suspected outlaws who were stealing from transports, but in this world the mundane explanation is always wrong. It was invisible kobolds phasing through the walls. I still refuse to come up with invisible pink unicorn ideas. There are just too many of them to be worth it.

Saturday was a miserable drizzle that made me very glad about my new coat. I was now looking for shoes, because the 14 year-old ones did not look so good with the new clothes. Fail. What's the use of having eight shoe stores within a 100 metre radius when they all have the same shoes, and all of them only the same two pairs which fit into my search parameters, of which one does not fit and the other is... well, kind of boring? And to top it all off, I felt as if I was getting a cold.

That evening, one woman from our ensemble had her birthday party. I choose some pretty clothes and my new coat, and soon wished that I had just put on a Donegal sweater, the black leather jacket and the hiking boots. I had to bicycle about 3 km through the freezing rain, and then wait for five minutes for my ride, and shivered like a skeleton in a gale.

The party was fun. We had pumpkin soup, onion cake, a chocolate-pear dessert, and sang for hours.

When I woke up on Sunday, my throat was still hurting. I am getting a cold. Which is the absolute low point of the week.

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