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My week, so far - The Lyorn's Den

Sat Nov. 11th, 2006

11:24 pm - My week, so far

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Tuesday I got another rental car, a medium-sized Ford, and it feels like a real clunker compared to the Audi. Funny thing is, the Ford has only 1/4 of the mileage and handles quite well, a lot more immediate than the Audi (and it has a CD player, and turning things on or off requires no special deductive abilities), but the whole interior is in a 70s shade of beige, and the seats and the suspension are a so soft they feel squishy. And, of course, it has no navigation system. I still managed to get to work from the car rental at the airport without getting lost or confused once. Good to know that I can still do it.

When I drove into the city that morning, the whole of San Francisco and the hills it is built on seemed to have been magicked away: If you looked from the other side of the bay, there was only fog, brightly lit by the morning sun. Sea, fog and sky faded seamlessly into each other, and the Bay Bridge disappeared into a wall of white as if it was crossing over into fairyland. It was very impressive and magical, though I'd have enjoyed it more if it hadn't caused a traffic jam. On the way back, both fog and traffic jam had dissolved.

The evening before (Monday), I had followed a tip from the nice folks at usarundbrief and looked for a Trader Joe's grocery market, which turned out to have organic food for lower prices than I had so far paid for regular. They have fruit yoghurt with cream (!), bagels which are not over-sweetened, and dark bread (!).

All in all, the week passed without memorable occurrences. One of the cartoons the local newspaper prints is (currently) about a woman discovering that her old journals are boring. So is the cartoon. Still, I feel with her.

On Friday, SciFi had played around with its schedule again. Despite that, I managed to catch both Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica. The rest of the week is "57 channels and nothing on".

Saturday I awoke at 10, and noticed a) that my bad dreams were getting less interesting (puppy-eating tigers and blocked-up toilets -- you didn't really want to know that , did you?) and b) that it was raining outside. I took the rain as an excuse to follow the by-now standard Saturday routine of sleeping in, having coffee, buying books, getting some take-out and hole up. This time I got fish and chips from a place that smelled like a day at the seaside. The rain had stopped, it was pleasantly cool, and the trees outside were full of birds, looking like blackbirds and sounding like starlings. In a sky with few clouds, one or two seagulls seemed to be standing still in the air.

Back at the hotel, I spent far too much time surfing the internet, and got into a confrontation that might yet turn into flames (I'll try to keep it on a slow burner, though, and am likely to lose interest quickly), about either Snotty Attitudes or Mindless Siding With Authority In An Attempt To Look Mature. Or maybe I'm just being contrary, I haven't decided yet.