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Winter - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Tue Dec. 21st, 2010

03:07 am - Winter

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One day to go until winter "officially" starts. Twenty days of being up to our ears in snow, with one day of thawing and one of rain in between. The threatened freezing rain came down in the form of more snow today. Now there's milder weather and rain forecast for tomorrow. And more snow after that.

I can deal with it. I'm extraordinary lucky to be living in a town where I can walk everywhere. So, even when all of public transport breaks down, leaving me stranded at the wrong side of town (after 90 minutes of getting there by bus...) to find out that choir practise was cancelled (grrrr), I can walk home in 70 minutes. I go to the gym only rarely at the moment, because walking takes time (more so in the snow -- that 70 minute walk would be 50 usually), but I get one hell of a workout every day.

Including occasionally accidents. Last Monday I dug out the car because I had to go to the garage to have something checked, and drove to work afterwards. Driver's door was frozen shut, so I took the passenger side door. The fuss made me miss the small fact that the lights were still on. When I came back to the car 8 hours later, three guesses what I found. So I called Gwydion and Ceridwen, who came over after half an hour of me freezing my backside off, and helped me start the car.

Thursday I was walking home over the old exercise ground, which, it turned out, had been flooded on the two days of thawing and rain. The giant puddles had frozen over. And then the water had drained away, leaving the ice unstable and with no way to become thicker. No way around it, too lazy to slog back all the way, so I thought, "hey, there's tracks from people wearing larger shoes than I wear here, this should be stable enough". Yes, maybe it was when there was still water directly under it. Now, it was ice, then air, and then water. Fortunately I was wearing hiking boots and hiking socks, which are designed to be warm even when wet. So after pouring the water from the boot and wringing out the sock, I could walk home OK. Only the legs of my jeans, frozen solid up to the knee made a strange noise with every step.

Workwise, my vacation has finally begun. I plan to visit my mom, but she says she's sick, and so is her boyfriend, and they are snowed in and have not yet done their Christmas shopping, and the roads are bad and maybe I'd consider visiting in March instead? Which would be fine with me -- great, actually, because I do not look forward to joining the chaos on the roads, I have lots to do here, and still some project to finish for work -- but I promised Ceridwen and Gwydion a lift...

I kind of survived all the Christmas and birthday parties without drinking too much spiced wine or getting sick from too many cookies (though it was a close call). I did my best to contribute to there being too many cookies. Yesterday, we were at R___'s place to make even more cookies. Her daughters are now 7 and 11 years old and fun to have around.

I need to write something about November, visiting flederkatz, and mad_freddy's wedding -- I've been neglecting the diary aspects of this LJ. But if I still manage, I'll back date, because "what I did on my holidays" is of interest mostly to me, obsessive keeper of calendars and histories that I am.

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