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IKEA, singing, writing - The Lyorn's Den

Wed Jan. 19th, 2011

04:05 pm - IKEA, singing, writing

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On Sunday, Snow was at my place to assemble the IKEA drawer and eat potato stew. (Snow loves assembling stuff, while I feel that it's a hassle.)

Turned out that one screw was missing from the package, and two boards were slightly damaged. So I drove over to IKEA yesterday noon to get the missing screw, exchange the damaged boards and eat hot dogs. Only, they gave the the wrong board, and I was too unobservant to notice. Grr. So I went to IKEA again today. They had already noticed the mistake and put the correct part aside for me, so that was fast. I still had two hot dogs and a muffin. It was my lunch break after all.


Yesterday evening Ceridwen, Gwydion and I had band practise again, which we had been neglecting because of the snow. We worked on some of our classics, and I tried out some of the new techniques I had learned at the JazzVocalSüd this year. They worked fine -- I got out a good amount of sound, and didn't tire my voice the way I usually do in middle and low notes. I am worried, however, about not getting in enough variation, but that will likely come when I find the basics easier to handle. Generally we need to polish up our harmony singing again -- it's our major strength, so we tend to rely on it to work with no effort at all.

Also, I got a very nice Bb5, and Ceridwen topped that with a C6. Yeah, so much for the need to tone down the soprano parts for our ensemble. There has to be a technical problem somewhere if the sopranos can't gracefully sing a simply G5. (Yepp. Still miffed. Although, as a second soprano, I don't even have to be.)

If all goes well we'll go to a CVT not-quite-intro class in September. That will be fun!

On killing the bearer of crucial intelligence

I have given a character, who is minor in the story cycle, but one of the main protagonists in one story, a critical piece of information which must not reach its recipient. The character won't walk away, so I think I have to kill him. It's easy, as he and the other main protagonist are in a house-to-house battle (fighting on different sides). But I have only those two as POV characters, and I cannot find a way to kill him that would not read as overdramatic, simplistic and trite.

So -- let him live and not give him the info? (There is no chance that the info will get lost or misunderstood *after* being given to the recipient.)
Kill him on screen? Off screen? Use a third viewpoint character who is not aware of the relevance of the event, while the reader is?