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Feels like spring - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Sun Feb. 6th, 2011

12:38 am - Feels like spring

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... though it's only 7°C with a fresh wind and an overcast sky of fast-moving clouds.

But compared to the last two months it was bright and sunny and pleasant, and made one think of having picnics.

I had made vague plans of getting up early and bicycling into the city, but the wind made that an unattractive idea, so I just went into town for the usual Saturday shopping. Also, hit the second-hand-store way too hard.

Today evening, I made kale again, though not the very large amount I had planned to make, because of the seven people I had invited, only one said that she *might* have time. Their loss. So I made only a medium amount and ate it myself.

Current Mood: contentcontent