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Note to self, re: Parties; Singing - The Lyorn's Den

Thu Feb. 10th, 2011

02:38 pm - Note to self, re: Parties; Singing

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#1: If you go to a party in the middle of the week where half the guests do not have to work the next day, and you have to: Set an alarm clock to tell you when it's time to leave. Knowing you, you probably won't, anyway, but at least you'll spare yourself the "Oops, gah, WTF!!!11!1" moment.

#2: The fact that can improvise harmonies really well does not excuse your from practising now and again, so that you might actually sing the piece as it is written, not as you think it should be.

Longer version: Yesterday our choir's conductor celebrated her 60th birthday. (It's generally amazing how many Xth birthdays with Xmod5=0 happen every year in a group of 30). She had invited two of her choirs, maybe 70 to 80 people, and there was a lot of filk sung, texted especially for her. Fun thing was, we did not have to prove much to each other or to her, so it was all quite relaxed. There were also lots and lots of great food, and I walked a very fine line between tasting everything (and the good things twice) and being too stuffed to sing. I think I kind of managed. Had all my range available just fine, too. It used to be that I could not eat before performing because otherwise my voice would be gone, I'm happily over that now.

I left work early, because a central database had broken down and the systems were running in stop-and-go mode anyway. Finally got the car washed, drove home in perfectly nice sunshine. Fed the cats, had a cup of tea, prepared some Pale Pink Pulp to bring for dessert, looked out of the window and saw thick, watery fog. Very strange, it was more dark grey then whitish, like a mix of fog and heavy rain. I left a little early, because I was wondering about how bad it would be out along the river, where the road runs. It was very bad. There were no landmarks visible at all, and every crossroad or traffic cirle appeared out of nowhere. The dark was weird, usually in fog your own headlights blind you, but this fog just ate up the light. But I did arrive in time or even a little early, because I remembered the route well.

Ceridwen was sick at home which caused big worries, because it meant for one of the sopranos that she had to sing solo in three pieces without being prepared for it. She managed very well, though. We sang two Artisan pieces in cover versions of cover versions (which is like covering Joe Cocker's "With a Little Help From My Friends" when you grew up with the Beatles song, takes some getting used to), "Journey to Brazil", "Engel", two filks (that was very rewarding fun, because the other choir got all the jokes), and some tear-jerkers.

When I drove home, the fog had lifted enough to navigate by sight instead of by memory. The cats needed food and attention, the flat needed airing, and it was very late when I finally crawled into bed, I dreamt silly and annoying stuff (the one that makes you feel as if you had already put in a full day of herding cats and dealing with annoying customers when you wake), and this morning I felt as if all of yesterday's heavy, watery, dark grey fog had packed itself in a bag and ended up on my head and shoulders. Gah. Need coffee.

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