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Cooking: Kale, and Banana pancakes - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Feb. 13th, 2011

03:29 pm - Cooking: Kale, and Banana pancakes

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Not on the same meal, I hasten to add, not even on the same day. But my banana pancakes this morning turned out great, so I quickly wrote down the recipe, and then discovered that I had not written down last weekend's kale, so, before I forget, here they are.

Banana pancakes

Per pancake, in a 20 cm non-stick pan with a lid:
- one egg
- 75 ml milk
- a tablespoon (20 grams) of sieved flour (dt: Typ 550 ist am besten)
- a pinch of salt
- one small banana
- one teaspoon (about 4 grams) of butter

This will be one thick pancake.

Beat eggs and milk well, then put flour and salt in, beat to create a fluid dough.
Peel banana and cut in slices about half a centimetre or a little more.

Heat butter in pan on medium-high. When it starts to sizzle, put in banana. Fry about a minute or two, stir occasionally. Pour in dough. Let it bake for about three minutes, until it seems to be solid on the bottom and you feel you can turn it. (Have to try putting on the lid at this stage.) Turn it with the help of a big spatula, a plate, or the lid. Put the lid on the pan, let it bake for about 3 to 5 minute. Check occasionally. At some point it will probably try to grow out of the pan, that's when it's done. Eat with Nutella or honey.

I'm very proud of this because I only learned how to make pancakes last year.

Kale with salted pork and sausage (Grünkohl mit Kassler und Mettwurst)

For two to four eaters, depending on how hungry they are.

- one nice stem of curly kale that has got some frost (about 750g, which makes it 500g when cleaned)
- two slices of salted pork (total about 300g)
- two medium-sized Mettwürste (total about 150g)
- one slice of smoked bacon (about 100g)
- one tablespoon (about 20g) of goose lard (or other lard, or ghee, or veggie oil if nothing else is available)
- two medium onions.
- a tablespoon of medium-hot mustard (not the powder!)
- about 6 to 8 allspice berries (or a good pinch of ground clove)
- salt, black pepper

Heat about 5 litres of water in a big pot. (Pot must not be filled completely.) Cut kale leaves off stem, then cut the curly part of the leaves from the thick ribs in the middle. Throw away stem, ribs, and dry brownish or yellowish leaves. Wash well. Open kitchen window. When the water in the big pot boils, throw the leaves in. When it boils again, set timer to two minutes. Stir once or twice, keep lid on otherwise to keep the heat in. When the timer goes off, pour everything through a big sieve. Now you will be glad that you opened the window. Rinse kale quickly with cold water. Wipe big pot dry and let it cool. You won't need it for the rest of the recipe.

Now peel onions and cut them medium-fine, remove non-chewable parts from bacon and dice it not too fine. Take a pot of about 5 litres size, put it on high and put in lard, bacon, and onions. When it sizzles, turn to medium heat and put lid on. Crunch and ground allspice, throw in. Chop the kale finely with a large knife.

When you get brown stuff on the bottom of the onion pot, pour in enough water to cover the bottom and de-glaze, pour in some more water, then the mustard, then the kale. Stir, bring to boil, check that the botton of the pot is covered with water, put in pork, turn down to slow boil with closed lid. Stir occasaionlly, pour in more water if needed. After 45 minutes, get the sausages, puncture the skin a few times with a pointy knife, put them in the pot. After 15 more minutes, it's done. Add black pepper generously and salt carefully.

Serve with potatoes.

If you have large enough pots, make enough for the next day, too. This is easily re-heated and tastes even better then. For re-heating, dice the leftover pork and slice the sausage, dice leftover potatos and put in with the rest. I guess it can also be frozen and microwaved, but I have not tested it yet.