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Weekend: More fun than it sounds - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Tue Feb. 22nd, 2011

06:06 pm - Weekend: More fun than it sounds

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It seems I spend most of the weekend doing the dishes or being cold (*shivers*). Still, fun was had.

I left work early on Friday and cannot remember what I did afterwards. I hate that, spending time in a way so unremarkable that it leaves no trace in my memory. Saturday, I got up early again to go into town. This is becoming a habit. Grocery shopping, and especially going to the market is a lot more fun in the morning than in the afternoon, so I sacrifice some sleep for it. I also got my favourite knife back from sharpening, which needs to be done before noon. Back home, I made apple pancakes, slept some, and then retreated to the kitchen. I made double chocolate muffins and did something wrong with it, they came out of the form in top half and crumbles. So I dried the crumbles in the oven to use in muesli later. Next was making a salad for K___'s birthday party. I made the salad from Dec 25th again, lamb's lettuce, mandarin oranges, walnuts and spring onions with orange-glazed chicken breast in a sweet vinaigrette with walnut oil. It got eaten so fast at the party that I didn't get to try it. Party was nice, good food, good talk.

Sunday I was up at nine again (did I mention my ongoing identity crisis?). I really wanted to get out a little, and with the temperature being not too low (only a tiny bit below freezing), I decided to bicycle to the city to go to the zoo. I did that, and it was fun. It would have been a little more fun if the day had not become progressively colder. I was dressed as if for an arctic expedition, in thermal underwear, long sleeve, woollen pullover, a down jacket, jeans, hiking socks, boots, fur gloves, a scarf, a headscarf and a cap, and it was OK when I was walking or bicycling (though my feet were freezing), but when walking slowly or stopping to look at the animals, it was not warm enough. At the zoo cafe, I had a nice hot lunch, which was served in record time. Despite the cold, I spend a lot of time watching the bears, and an hour to see the feeding of the fish otters and then the sea lions. Fish otters are the most adorable animals ever, baby polar bears notwithstanding. There were three of them, and they were playing like kittens. Next were the sea lions, who performed handstands and other acrobatics when the wardens threw them fish. Sea lions remind me of California, and thinking of California made me feel even colder. I fled into the big cat house for warming up. They have Australian birds in there, which are too small to be of interest to tigers and lions. The tiger was munching on the leg of some large herbivore. When he was done, I wasn't freezing anymore, yet far from warm, and decided to go home, although there were a lot more animals to look at. Bicycling back went faster then the other way, because the wind was more at my back, but by then it had become so cold that my sinuses were hurting.

You are probably very tired of me bitching about the cold. You can't be as tired of it as I am of being cold all the time. A little bicycling in a few degrees below zero? I used to do that every day. I used to like the cold. I am kind of annoyed with myself.

Anyway, getting home I took a hot shower, downed some hot food, and tea, and slept a little. Then it was back to the kitchen, because I am having a party next weekend and like to get started early on the preparation. I made whole-grain-and-potato breads with bacon and leek. Apart from some minor technical difficulties and absent-mindedly grabbing the hot baking sheet, this went very well. The recipe called for 500g of mashed potatoes, whole grain wheat flour and whole grain rye flour each, 80 grams of yeast and 800 ml of lukewarm water, and the dough came out perfectly without any fiddling with more flour or more water. I was done at two in the morning. I didn't have the opportunity to try them but put them in the freezer right the next morning.

Monday was my birthday. So I loaded a tin of cookies and a tin of half-muffins on my bicycle, got 24 Krapfen from the bakery, and appeared at work loaded with sweets like Santa on a bicycle. Apart from the sweets, the work day was generally unpleasant (too much talk, too little work done). I left halfway early with the leftover sweets, went home, had a nap, and later fed the rest of the Krapfen to my role-playing gaming group. We played only for three hours. The group is currently in some fantasy Arabia-like place. The city they had stayed in since arriving with the salt caravan some month ago was threatened by draught, and the ruler of the city was looking for some adventurers to investigate a legend about a rain-making artefact. I got them equipped, out of the city, and into a small town where the last reference to the artefact had been found. From there, it would have been a lot of exploring and talking to everyone, but I was a little queasy from eating so many Krapfen, and my throat was still undecided what to do about the previous day's overabundance of cold air (it's better today), so I called it a night.

I really need to recharge my batteries. Well, Sunday I'll throw a party, which will be a great outlet for my love of food and organising stuff, and the week after that I have a vacation. I only need to get through this week.

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