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Busy - The Lyorn's Den

Thu Nov. 16th, 2006

11:18 pm - Busy

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At work I'm currently writing scripts, which is both fun and, like internet surfing, likely to fill all available time.

I work until seven or half past, then drive back to the hotel and try to make dinner. Today I discovered that the kitchenette has a fan to suck up cooking fumes -- but only after I had fried some bacon (yummy!) and had the whole room smelling of barbecue. The two days before today I took advantage of the relatively low price of meat and had steak for dinner. With mushrooms and onions, and medium salsa mixed with sour cream. Today I put the last of the onions and mushrooms and some well-fried bacon on a bagel, together with a slice of "dry" mozarella (consistency like smoked mozarella, but without the smoky taste) at the bottom to keep things from seeping out, and a glob of sour cream on the top.

Everyone at work got a coupon for 15 USD of turkey today. Next time I'm at the store, I'll have to check if there is any way that I can spend it, or if I better give it to someone with a lot of hungry kids to feed. There are food collection bins at the stores, but you can hardly put frozen goods or fresh meat into them.

And while I'm talking about food: Potato chips. With ginger, parsley, lime and three kinds of peppers (jalapeño, black and cayenne). Taste explosion! And brownie mini muffins -- concentrated chocolate. I really have to find out if I can take some home.

Today I was out of black tea. I guess now I'll find out if my inability to fall asleep before three in the morning has anything to do with drinking tea at 10pm. Would be strange, as I have had late tea for ages now, and I'm still usually able (if not always willing) to sleep at half past one.

The maybe-brewing maybe-flame war I mentioned in the last post has died a cold and ignoble death from lack of attention. I really couldn't spare the time or the passion. Oh well, fighting on the internet is a rather low form entertainment, anyway.

Yesterday I tried to get some of those freezer-microwave boxes like the ones that Snow has, and ventured into the department store from hell, only to find that they had about one fourth as many boxes than the local supermarket at home, and the type I wanted not in the size that I wanted, there wasn't a price label on it and I had left my wallet in the car. Complete shopping failure. Horrible shop. But they had jeans for one third of what I'd pay at home, and I just threw out one jeans for starting to disappear in strategic places. Maybe I'll get a replacement here -- that is, if I marshall enough willpower to enter that store or any similar one again.

Of course, I've also been reading. Maybe I'll talk about books tomorrow.