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Flea market - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Sun Jul. 3rd, 2011

08:32 pm - Flea market

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Yesterday we were at the flea market, trying to give some old stuff a chance to find a new home before it gets to be sold in bulk, given to charity, or goes into the trash.

We had boxes from six households brought over to my place over the course of the week. Friday, Snow and I loaded the whole gear into my car, together with a table and some chairs. It barely fit. Saturday, we got up at half past five, Snow came over at 6, we called Ceridwen, and at a quarter past we were at the site. Which is extremely short on parking, and everything was full of cars parked in second and sometimes third row, with people unloading heaps and heaps of boxes and carrying them to whatever spots, jumping puddles and navigating some shallow mud that Friday's rains had left. The weather, fortunately, wasn't too bad: Grey, but dry.

I was in better state than I had feared. I had managed to sleep only aroung 3 in the morning, because my whole right side hurt, there was no position to sleep in that did not hurt enough to keep me awake, and only at half past two did I give in and take some pain pills. Which, at least, worked. But even on only two-and-a-half hours sleep I was reasonably functional. Especially after getting some coffee from a stand.

Some professional buyers and collectors made the rounds before selling officially started at 7 and asked for some items to be kept for them. In our case, it would have been better for them and us if they had come later, because at a quarter to seven we hadn't discovered the box with electronics yet. Oh, well.

We did most sales to that crowd, which moved on around eight. Ceridwen appeared somewhere in the meantime. Snow proved the most competent at flea market haggling. N___ and mad_freddy dropped by for half an hour or so. I went to have coffee. Later, Snow went to have coffee and returned in a happy caffeine daze. A short round of the market showed only one item I liked, a very tiny something of a summer skirt and matching top, dark grey blue linen-look. Unfortunately (or not) the top was a very important centimetre too tight.

We closed shop a little before three p.m., loaded the leftovers (about 2/3 of the whole stuff, we hardly sold any books -- I don't know what's up with people!) into the car and went to a beer garden for a late lunch followed by an early afternoon coffee. After which I was very, very tired. Snow and I unloaded some boxes, the chairs and the table at her place, left the books in my car to take them to the used book store, and then I went home and pretty much fell into bed. I woke up at half past eight, warm and comfy and pain-free.

It was fun. But we won't do it again this year.

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