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Summer and rain - The Lyorn's Den

Fri Jul. 22nd, 2011

11:45 pm - Summer and rain

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It's damp. And cool. For some reason, my whole flat smells of damp cardboard. Humidity is up to 60 per cent, which in my usually pleasantly bone-dry place is near record-high and enhances all the smells.

Last week I was off work on overtime and went through my to-do-list. Got an item up on ebay for the first time (not worth it), got a new saddle and handles for my bicycle (high time), a new battery for my laptop (same), went to the bank, the doctor, and what-have-you. Watched some football world cup more or less by accident. Bicycled a lot and spent a lot of money on needful things, and on coffee. Bicycled to the city to order a new mattress, carried very heavy boxes full of books and videos into the second hand store, and half of them out again, had my hair cut quite short.

Five hours ensemble practise on Saturday. Nice. We will be singing in Bad Staffelstein day after tomorrow (Sunday 24th). Sunday, watched Torchwood with Snow.

Monday and Tuesday I was on a first-aid training for work. That started at 8 am, but fortunately finished around 3, so I could catch up on sleep afterwards. The mornings were cool and nice. Tuesday, I went to donate blood with the gang and managed not to fall over.

Wednesday we had an outing from work. Of course, it was the day of the big rain. It rained all night, the Autobahn north from here turned into a lake (again), the gullys in the city turned into fountains. Fortunately, this year no one drowned.

The outing was announced as an "outdoor event", so I wore winter clothes (two shirts, a light wool pullover and a heavy wool jacket) under my rain jacked, wool socks and winter boots, the waterproof watch I had got from Snows sister, and I carried a change of clothes, sandals, and a second pair of wool socks in my bag. As well as sunglasses and sunscreen, because the weather loves to play tricks on me.

Turned out, the organizers had reasonably cut back on the outdoor parts and got us a big tent to sit in. We played some games which were less embarrassing than I had feared, I did some archery and fed the tame rabbits with dandelion leaves, and then retreated to the tent to read, drink coffee and eat sugary cakes to keep warm. There were about 350 people who are all working in my department, and I recognized about five. Sometimes having a very bad memory for faces is very impractical. One of my collegues, who has a brilliant memory for faces was talking to everyone and collected enough news and gossip to keep him on top of things for a year.

In the evening we got on a boat, which was two glass decks (main and a gallery) and a sun deck, would have seated 400, and had a bottom so level that it could land on the beach, basically a trimaran design. There was more food, drinks, music, and some people were actually dancing. Dancing like engineers, to no one's surprise. The music was mostly classic rock and seventies pop, so I found myself an undisturbed place and some tea and just listened.

We actually got a short look at the sun when it set. At ten we got back on land and into the buses, and went home. I arrived home five minutes before midnight and showed up at work the next day at a quarter to eleven. I wasn't the last to arrive.

Now, back at work. Pity. I really enjoyed the days off. Even the company outing, all things considered.

Serious Cat Jerome is currently sitting behind me on the chair and keeps my back warm. Which is welcome.

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