lyorn (lyorn) wrote,

The state of the Lyorn

Or, things to get rid of, and not.

  • Pain: My not-there-anymore wisdom teeth have finally shut up, so I can go to the gym again. Which is a very good thing, as all the bicycling I did over those two months did nothing to keep the joints on the right side of my body from hurting like hell, but lifting weights does. Doctor says the pain is most likely not rheumatoid arthritis (*is relieved*), but at worst osteoarthritis (*not much fun either*) and at best just tension, but he's running a few more blood tests.

  • Blood: It was a hot damp day and a non-AC'd room where they took the blood and I nearly fainted, which was embarassing, especially as I had just (truthfully) said that I had never fainted in this situation.

  • Weight: No way. Just to make that clear. But oh hai, body dysmorphia. I look in the mirror at the gym and see a fat woman. Never mind that I wear trousers size 34 (about US 4) and I can see my ribs under the sports shirt.

  • Silly ideas: I know that it is just my brain acting funny at me, and I stuff that crazy idea in the brain box together with "how can you know that Brazil exists, as you were never there" and "portents of the upcoming zombie apocalypse". No way to get rid of them, but they can be stored safely and used for stories.

  • Clutter: I finally got rid of the ten metres of chicken wire which had been filling half of my junk room. And sold a Levis jeans throuh ebay. As long as I have boxes and packing paper to get rid of, ebay seems cost neutral, when the boxes and the paper are gone I'll return to donating the stuff as donating won't lose me money. I also have an appointment at the second hand shop to see if the clothes I brought in June have sold.
    It seems that the great liberating blow against clutter cannot be done (the flea market thing left me with more clutter than I had before), so I now go at it one item at a time, but at least two a week.

  • And I'll be baking cakes on the weekend. Which might coincide with the return of hot weather. We'll see.
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