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Another cold - The Lyorn's Den

Tue Nov. 1st, 2011

11:25 pm - Another cold

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I had been fine, more or less (still in need of the occasional tissue and not up to serious exercise, but nearly there) Saturday-before-last (22nd), bicycled into the city and did some preparatory sightseeing as to not get lost when my mother and uncle come to visit (next week) and expect me to give a guided tour.

That was followed by a normal busy week.

Playing role-playing games on Monday (Exalted Dragon-blooded, see previous.) We finally managed to get the chieftain to swear fealty to us, after we got him out of a pinch that our arrival had got him into.

Singing lesson on Tuesday, lots and lots of high notes. My throat still hurt on Wednesday for choir, (It has hurt for two weeks now. There are days I need a pain pill to be able to swallow, let alone speak, in the morning, and days when I don't.) Again, a lot of high notes.

Did the weekly shopping on Thursday after work, then met R___ for dinner. We tried out a different Italian place, and found it quite good. Before we knew how that had happened, it was half past eleven, and I was looking forward to a long, interesting weekend.

Weekend started out well on Friday, with a lot of bicycling again: First for a physio appointment, then off to the city again to go to the Consumenta, a large exhibition for lifestyle and household goods open to the public. I enjoyed it a lot, bought
wrist warmers in fire-coloured felt and a matching skirt (hey, it's in the choir colours!), tried some wine, whisky and chocolate (the vanilla-and-salted-almonds one was spectacular) and far too much coffee (I'm thinking about getting an espresso machine, so I had a test drink at every stall that offered), visited some stalls to get info about kitchens and deflected every "sign now" pitch with "I had too much wine to sign anything now", and walked away with two kilos of brochures and catalogues. Bicycled home, warmed by wine and coffee, without my hat, not noticing that it got cold out on the open fields.

So I awoke with a slight head cold on Saturday, first day of a three-full-days singing workshop for ensembles. It was brilliant (high notes again, lots of them, very good coaching), but my head cold did not get any better, quite the contrary, and I felt pretty bad in the evening and hitched a ride home with another singer instead of taking the train.

Sunday I was aphon. No voice at all, even after pain pills and honeyed tea I could only croak in a soft low alto. So I stayed home and was extremely unhappy and miserable.

Monday I felt better, but my voice was still not up to anything. Went into town and looked at kitchens. And at floor tiles for bathrooms. Came home completely exhausted, made some stir-fried beef with tomato chutney, which made me very happy.

Today, I had the role players over for breakfast, as we had decided that we did too much off-topic talking around the gaming table and needed an opportunity to get rid of all the accumulated words. We did, and ate a lot of bread rolls, soup, fruit and cake. Fun, but my voice still isn't what it should be, and now I have a cough coming on as the head cold is moving from my sinuses to my bronchi. Hate, hate, hate it. I wanted to get a flu shot two weeks ago, as it always makes the inevitable colds less serious (some wake-up call to my immune system, I think), but I have been sick since then.

And tomorrow it's back to work. I am extremely frustrated that I missed two days of the singing workshop, because it started out very good and from what I heard from the others, only got better. And I'm still sick. Grrrrr.

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