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A long, lazy weekend - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Nov. 26th, 2006

08:21 pm - A long, lazy weekend

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Thursday was Thanksgiving. I knew that this holiday existed, having seen "Addams Family Values". I didn't know that it would be a general holiday and that I wouldn't get any work done. I also didn't expect the company to give everyone a day off on Friday. So I was left with a very long weekend and nothing to do. When I was still in the office at four, a colleague asked me if I was working on some high-priority project, or why I was still there. I should have said, "don't we all?", but instead I said something about no one exactly waiting for me to come home and help pluck a turkey, which was far less elegant.

It would have been the perfect time to go somewhere a little farther away, but I had the nagging feeling that everyone would be doing this, and "In a traffic jam" is my least favorite answer to "Where did you spend the holidays?" So I settled in my hotel room, leaving only for the occasionally bookstore coffee (to allow room service to tidy up), sleeping, reading, writing (yeah! I wrote something!), chatting on the internet and making use of the kitchen. I had bad dreams about travelling, or more exactly about paperwork and packing my bags on Thursday and Friday.

On fanficrants kazaera brought up the topic of Highlander, so I happily buried myself in not-read-for-years fanfic and talked too much in the comment thread.

Thursday I'll be leaving. I need to see Snow's sister before, as she has offered to store some of my stuff for me. I still need to do the tax paperwork, and collect all the bills so I can enter my travel expenses on Friday. Always assuming that the plane is not late and I actually arrive at the time planned. And get someone to let me into my flat.

I love travelling. I think that I'll be home in a week and gone somewhere else I've never been before in ten days, and it makes me happy. What I do not like is baggage, and paperwork. I do not think I will take my computer on holiday with me.

It was raining today, really raining, and that made me happy, too.

Back to work tomorrow. Goodness, I miss those two days off already.