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2012, I expect better of you!

First thing this year (after leaving the house for the first time), my car's windshield wipers' transmission broke down and is ridiculously expensive to replace.

Second thing, I wanted to donate money to Wikipedia, and the page requested an additional security on my credit card, but wasn't willing to show me the contract data. Cynical and paranoid me suspects that this "additional security" mostly secures the credit card company's claims that any theft or scam using stolen card number is none of their faults, so like hell I am going to sign up for it without reading the small print. So, no available small print, no donation. Sorry, Wikipedia.

ETA to Second thing: And I'll sure as all fucking hell will not send a donation via PayPal, because I will not put a penny into those rabid iconoclastic philistine Visigoths' pockets. (Trigger warning on the link. I mean it. If you like music or antiques, and are not ready for tears of fiery rage, do not click. [via MakingLight sidelights].)
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