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Circus, rain, and being generally busy

Yesterday I went to the circus with Ceridwen. We had bad seats -- I bought the tickets too late, all the good ones were gone -- seeing the show from sideways/back, but as it was all acrobats, and designed for a round stage, it didn't matter that much.

It was a great show, and a lot longer than it seemed. Two times 45 minutes, loud music, tending towards fast numbers. One, with two acrobats on some giant, spinning ...thing... had me squealing. My cats at their best would have had trouble with that one! The motorcyclists I had heard a lot about -- there are three of them (the blurry red blobs) on the picture, now imagine five -- and they were as incredible as reported. (I got a little dizzy from the exhaust fumes, though.) Also, they had a pyrotechnical clown. And heaps of other good stuff.

It was a good (and nicely warm) end to a day which mostly consisted of running around in the rain and going through three sets of clothing.

First thing in the morning (half past eight! poor not-a-morning-person-me!) I had to get my car to the garage because the transmission of the windshield wipers had broken down on Tuesday. You cannot drive in the rain and dark with no windshield wipers, I found. Got the car there (it wasn't raining yet, thank goodness), walked home. It was raining then. Ate a croissant, drank coffee, went back to bed.

Half past 11 I had an appointment at the dentist, oh joy. The dentist is itching to do something about my front teeth, which I broke off in a very stupid motorcycle accident (I was behind the motorcycle and collided with the floor), and which had been fixed on the cheap at the university clinic. Functionally it's perfect (no pain, still sound as houses after 12 years), but aesthetically questionable (and it's not looking any better with time). Getting this whole thing tidied up is the second great (and monumentally expensive) project for this year.

Anyway, half past one I was bicycling from the dentist's place into town, to get envelopes and a new immersion mixer. Cooking for New Year's Eve had made me decide a new one able to chop nuts and cheese, create pesto and milkshakes, instead of only smoothening soup, was sorely needed. It had started to rain to a degree that I was considering the merits of outdoor jackets, as opposed to my long woolen coat, which had barely dried from the morning. It got worse every minute, and when I left the stationary shop, water came down in sheets, with thunder and lightning and the occacional shovel of sleet. It was very impressive, and I watched for a few minutes from a dry but draughty archway, then, when it got a tiny bit better, ran over to the cafe next door to have a hot chocolate keep me company while waiting.

It got better, insofar as there was only thunder and strong rain. I gave up on the mixer and I bicycled home. My coat and cap hadn't soaked (yeah for wool!), but were dripping, but my shoes had given up and my jeans and gloves were soaked. I hung everything over the bathtub and spend the next hours very comfortably watching the weather from my sofa.

After which, of course, I had to go back out into it to pick up my car.

So, that's 4/5 of the todo-list for this vacation done. Missing fifth is paperwork, which I hope to finish today so I can mail it tomorrow. I went through a lot (of rain) for those envelopes, after all.
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