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Writing Meme, Part 1

Wow, that's one big writing meme. Just perfect for procrastinating *vbg*.

Gacked from legionseagle

And to make stuff more fun, I'll be talking in English about a story written in German for a German canon.

1. Name of current Project and back story of the name

Main project, as in, closest to finishing, is a Perry Rhodan fanfic, centering around an OFC whose only defense against accusations of MSism is that she doesn't give a damn.

Working title is "1984", because that's the year when it takes place. The working titles of all my fic in that setting are years: Canon has covered several millenia by now (sequentially), and the year tells me (and everyone else who might care) where it ties in.

In canon, 1984 is the year when the protagonists, having recently become the government of United Earth, take their stolen spaceship to visit the Emperor of the galactic Empire. The plan is to bring home two of his subjects/relatives who got shipwrecked on the Moon some 13 years ago, and to negotiate for recognition and trade.

Things, as can be imagined, do not turn out as expected. But that has very little effect on my fic, which could have been sub-titled, "Meanwhile, back in the Solar System".

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