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Writing meme, day 2

2. Genre of the story explained in detail

Character development, World building, Mystery, Action/Adventure, Satire.

Character development: Solveig, the protagonist and narrator is a 19yo girl from Sweden. There is a taste for adventure and "making the world a better place" in her family, however, it's strongly on the left activist side. She, however, has chosen to throw in her lot with Perry Rhodan's "Third Power", because it means she can go to the stars. So, she finds herself on the side of the guys who inadvertantly triggered a nuclear war (only to have it end without a single casualty), crashed the world's stock markets to pay their bills, find hostile aliens to fight every few episodes, and always have bigger guns and better tactics than the other guys -- in short, she finds herself in the kind of deeply misogynistic military SF that neither her nor my parents would have allowed in the house. (Note theinfelicitous "Third" in the name). How she deals with this choice is a major topic of the fic I write about her.

World building: What we get in canon focusses nearly exclusively on action, discovery and war, aliens and alien planets and so on. It rarely shows how going from "one country sending the first man on the moon" to "Earth is a galactic power under a unified government" in less than a generation feels to "the man on the street", and how things actually work. I enjoy filling in the blanks.

Mystery: There's crime to be investigated, and Solveig's the one to investigate it (because everyone more senior and competent is out of town). The need to understand what is going on and why drives the plot for most of the story.

Action/Adventure: Solveig goes to exotic places, explores, makes allies and enemies, has to run, fight, bluff, and crawl through ducts, and things go boom. While the mystery drives the plot, Action and adventure is what happens.

Satire, because the bad guys are of a political persuasion which has repeatedly annoyed me on the internet.

The multitude of genres and their different priorities create something of an unbalance in the fic. The first chapter or two deal solely with character development and world building, and I expect the final one(s) will, too. If I were a more conscientious editor of my own stories, I'd remove them, but as these are the parts I am very interested in exploring, they are going to stay.

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