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Writing meme, day 4

4. Describe your inspiration and what message you wish to bring across

There is no message. If I wanted to send a message, I'd call Western Union.

My inspiration? I read the source material and thought, "But wait, there is so much left out! How does this work? How does that look, and sound, and feel? How does it even make sense?" In the beginning it was all world, then it became stories ("What does a 361 year old woman do when she learns her eternal youth will be taken away in 29 years and she will die on her 400th birthday?" -- this is a question from canon, btw).

"1984" looks into effects canon occurences might have in the world-as-we-knew-it, shows the reactions of a few people, explores some pitfalls of SF Libertarianism (and, less blatantly, I hope, of canon's 1950's technocratic mindset), plays around with canonical vs. historical (= 1980's) tech levels (now that's a joy) and shows the protagnonist being in over her head and in the end, again, chosing a path which she feels makes her a worse person, because she wants it too much.

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