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Writing meme, day 5

Late, because I wasn't online yesterday evening.

5. Main Character Bio

Solveig, the protagonist and narrator of the story, was born in Stockholm in 1965, only child of financially comfortable professional-class social activists. She was three when her parents took her to protests against the Vietnam war. In some news magazine, there was a picture of a protest which shows her on her father's shoulders, shouting "Ho-Ho-Ho Chi Minh". She was six when the USAF sent the first rocket to the moon, and its commander, Perry Rhodan, discovered the stranded extraterrestials there, took their stuff and set out the re-make the world. She remembers when, following that, the major powers (US America, Soviet Russia, and the PRC) fired their nuclear weapons, only to have them fizzle out harmlessly thanks to Rhodan's looted hypertech.

While Rhodan and his allies fought aliens in the Solar System and in other places, and created a unified World Government to have Earth be better prepared for alien menaces, Solveig went to school in a rather unremarkable way. She got bullied, she lashed out, she got into trouble for being violent and got sent to counseling, she traveled, and fell in love with the most bohemian boy in school, and with the most fearless girl.

After finishing school, she planned to go to university and hoped to become a journalist one day. But as a graduation present, her parents gave her a trip to anywhere (on Earth), and she decided to visit Terrania in the Gobi desert, landing place of Rhodan's stolen spaceship, and capital of his united Earth.

By being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she got involved in an assassination plot against Rhodan, and by being immune to a common form of technological mind control she foiled the plot and got offered a job in the Third Power's "Mutants' corps" -- Rhodan's secret weapon: A few dozen people (and one furry alien) with paranormal abilities.

After some soul-searching the took the job, despite having serious doubts about her motives, the morality of it, and her ability to deal with it. As she did not dare to tell her family (and telling outsiders about a secret paranormal organisation was strongly discouraged anyway), her parents and friends believe that she has unexpectedly decided to go to uni in Terrania instead -- which makes kind of sense, for a wannabe journalist, because Terrania is where things happen. Though they are baffled that she has chosen to study computer sciences (as the result of a typo when creating the faked immatriculation papers on the fly).

At the beginning of 1984, Solveig is taking the training to become a crewman third class on a space ship. She is not required to by the Mutants' Corps: Paranormal ability is good enough for them. But as she feels that her psi powers are weak, so she grabs any useful skills and qualifications she can get. Besides, travelling to the stars is what she wants most in the world...

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