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Writing Meme, Part 10

10. Describe the world that the story happens in

The year is 1984. It has been 13 years since Man reached the Moon, and discovered a stranded scientific exploration ship of a technologically far advanced galactic empire. That man, Perry Rhodan of the USSF, befriends the survivors, decides to keep the loot and, with the Cold War heating up all around him, quickly uses it to save Earth from itself and from all the aliens who heard stranded ship's distress signal and have come for a piece of the action.

First he sets up camp in one of the most desolate areas of the planet, the Gobi Desert just south of the Chinese/Mongolian border, declares himself, his friends/allies and his heap of tech one of the major powers on the planet. He soon discovers that the Western block's secret service has been using people with paranormal abilities, as they are getting used against him. He manages not only to convince the woman in question that she'd better throw her lot in with him, but afterwards sets out to find as many useful mutants as he can to help in his near-megalomaniac endeavour of not only showing Earth's powers how to conquer the world without bloodshed, but to create a place for humanity in the wider galaxy.

After 13 years, his efforts have born fruit. Rhodan's "Third Power" is respected, his city "Terrania" is widely recognised as the capital of Earth as well as the place to be, the first Earth-made space ships are sent out for exploration and mining, as well as trade with un-ambitious and friendly aliens, Venus is being settled, Mars more slowly so.

But the galactic powers have noticed the new kid, and they are not amused. Looking for allies, Rhodan takes his largest ship and his best men (and women) as well as the survivors from the original shipwreck on the Moon to the heart of the most powerful galactic empire of the time. But the Empire might already have fallen, and instead of allies, he finds trouble.

Imagine a 1950's future, with giant spaceships, a galaxy full of habitable planets and strange aliens, deep trust in technology, technocracy, and manly men being cleverer, faster and more willing to give the Strange the benefit of doubt than the opposition. Imagine the Star Trek ideal of a brotherhood of men of all nations and colours, and a Mad Men attitude to women. Imagine travelling thousands of light years on the power of a computer as large as a skyscraper plus a brainy guy with a slide rule to double-check said computer's results. And then there is this mysterious entity with power over space, time, and matter, who plays games with the intelligent races of the galaxy, which seems to have taken an unexplainable liking to the Terrans, and has given Rhodan and a couple dozen of his people eternal youth... for now.

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