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Writing Meme, Part 12

12. Your favourite character to write about and why

Well, Solveig, of course. Because she walks around in canon for me and discovers interesting things, and I have made her into a character who can easily be written doing that. Her strengths and her weaknesses are tailored to get her into the action, while not overshadowing canon characters, nor bending canon around her.

But I always like the secondary characters a lot. Cheryl, the estate agent-cum-prospector-cum-landlady, who exemplifies the way Free Mars goes to hell yet refuses to see it. So was Joe, the maintenance tech, who has seen it all and never asked the right questions.

Regarding the canon characters, I enjoy writing Allan D. Mercant, because I like spy thrillers and I think that I have some idea how he'll act and react. Writing Rhodan is a big challenge which has its own rewards. I used to love writing Atlan because of his unique perspective, his penchant for action, and his sarcasm, but I'm less sure that I can do the character justice than I was when I started writing in this fandom.

I like it when I get into the heads of people (or thinky-parts of nonhumanoid aliens), can see through their eye(stalks) and discover the new and unexpected in the familiar -- be it a society, a thingamajig, or a set of morals. (I don't claim to be very good at it, though.)

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