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A Saturday in Town

About a week ago, the police stopped a transport which they found to contain 92 puppies, some of them as young as 3 weeks, many of them ill, starved, or half frozen. The puppies were seized and sent to the city's shelter. Which found itself up to its ears in puppies quite unexpectedly, and asked for donations especially of blankets and towels. So Ceridwen, Snow and I loaded a bag of old towels into my car, and yesterday noon I drove to the shelter with Ceridwen on a beautiful freezing sunny day.

Everyone else, it seemed, was already there, and they had brought towels!!! The picture doesn't show half of them. Ten per cent, maybe.

In the newer picture gallery, the puppies look less pitiable and more adorable. They are still kept away from the public. This made such a large splash that it seems the shelter will be able to find a home for most of them (they seem to be all pure bred, too), but I wonder how well socialised a dog that was taken from their mother at only three weeks will ever become. One of our dogs at home was an orphan (mother died at birth) and had been raised by a "stepmother", and that dog had problems. Three weeks. Goodness. One hopes for an especially cold place in hell for everyone involved in this puppy mill business.

Ceridwen and I went to look at the animals which were up for adoption. Lots of big dogs, hardly any small ones. And adorable cats. I fell in love with a big tom named Murphy, who was big enough to make two of him and had giant paws. One small, skinny cat was out of its box and walking around completely unimpressed by all the people. Two four-months olds were playing and were too cute to be believed. I hope they will all find good homes. The dogs, too. Especially the dogs. The cats mostly seemed content with themselves, but the dogs just seemed so lonely. *sigh*

Anyway, as neither Ceridwen nor I can adopt another animal (Snow dreams of a pair of pugs, but dog ownership and a full time job away from home just don't go together), we left empty-handed, and drove into the city. Last time I'd gone by car, that had not gone so well, so I was a little worried, but we had more luck this time.

I managed to buy only two tiny items. For some reason I was not in a buying mood. Possibly because of the dogs. Or of the cold. But we looked at pretty things, had fun, found that someone had dared the ice on the river to write the name of a girl into the snow in footprints, had coffee, and then went to the cinema to watch "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy".

However, it was so crowded I hovered close to a panic attack, less than five minutes before the movie was to start the ticket counter where we had waited in line for ten minutes closed into our faces, there were 20 people waiting at each of the others, and we just decided that it wasn't worth it and went for dinner in an Irish pub close by. I hadn't been there in ages, and the place had just got better. Too bad I couldn't have beer because I had to drive.

We drove home to my place, looked at catalogues, and squeed over solid wood bookshelves. And called it a night around 11 p.m.

Today, my throat is hurting a little. I hope this only comes from too much cold air. I really cannot use getting a cold right now.
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