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Cooking for the impatient - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Fri Jul. 1st, 2005

05:03 pm - Cooking for the impatient

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I like aubergines. I have, however, no patience to fry one slice after the other to just the correct shade in my too-small frying pan.

So, yesterday I lost patience while waiting for an interminable time for that first slice to get done, cranked the oven up to 200° centigrade, put all the aubergine slices (sliced lengthwise and not thicker than one centimetre, put on a towel, salted, left to sweat out excess water, then carefully dried) in a low baking dish, doused it in half a mug of olive oil and baked it for 20 minutes. Which was just the time the potatoes needed to get done. As an afterthought I sliced up some mushrooms, and fried them for a few minutes in the I-have-to-clean-it-anyway pan, together with chopped and soaked dried tomatoes. Add some black pepper, and fresh basil leaves.

Really good. Lots of fat, but I firmly believe that it's OK when its olive oil. (Because I'd be out of luck otherwise.)

I have to update my recipes page soon.

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