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Geeky Clean-up: Who wants stuff? - The Lyorn's Den

Thu May. 17th, 2012

04:01 pm - Geeky Clean-up: Who wants stuff?

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I've gone through some boxes gathering dust in the corners and discovered things from my "spending all my money on geeky things" period that I have not used nor missed for ten years or so...

Anyone interested in
- about a dozen Mithril, Ral Partha and Metal Magic Miniatures, most in original packagig
- hundreds of DC/Vertigo Comic books, mostly 1990s, good to near mint condition
- hundreds of used (some heavily used) Magic Cards (nearly all older than "Mirage", few lands, high ratio of "Uncommon" cards, three or four playable decks)
- The first 8 "Knights of the Dinner Table": "Bundle of Trouble" collections, very good to near mint condition
- ICE War Law box (table top CoSim), unused

Details on request, price tbd.

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