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Decluttering, and last week - The Lyorn's Den

Mon Jun. 18th, 2012

03:56 pm - Decluttering, and last week

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I tidied up four drawers yesterday. One with travel mementos. There were notes and flyers and maps as far back as 1985. I threw everything but the maps away. I like maps.

I found a teapot with a warmer, used for two months in 2004, when I worked 250 km away, then carefully put back into its original box. I had thought about giving it away, but the glazing was broken and crumbling.

I discovered that flederkatz still has my electrical screwdriver (could this be a little more sonic?) by the empty space it had left behind.

And I attempted to throw out my tapes. I didn't succeed. I stripped them of their index notes and put those in a box, and put all the tapes in a box, but I couldn't throw them out. Those tapes are 20 to 30 years old. They are the soundtrack of my life. They are the memory of when I thought I knew what I wanted to be, what I ought to be. They are the stuff that dreams were made of. They fill every minute of the memory of my youth.

They have been broken for at least 15 years.

I thought throwing away papers was the hardest, because they are my memory. I was wrong.

Last week was not much fun in general. Thursday I had my long-expected, much feared dentist appointment (this has become a regular summer activity).

Twelve years ago, I fell flat on my face when trying to push-start flederkatz' motorbike. Stupid thing started at first shove, pulled my arms forward, I fell on the concrete like a failed Superman. Being well-padded and wearing a heavy leather jacket, the only damage I took was when my face bounced on the concrete: I broke four front teeth. Being short on money and patience, I had them fixed in the clinic the quickest and cheapest way possible.

Twelve years have gone and "quick and cheap" has aged badly. Time to fix that whole mess for good. Which means, six crowns. Not only that other people buy a car for what that cost, but also, six teeth which are still about half-present and fully alive need to be filed down for crowning. It took f***ing 150 minutes.

And now I'm thpeaking thtrangely, because I have some temporary plastic thing in my mouth, and can eat only very soft things. Like custard. I'm eating a lot of custard.

One more appointment. *SIGH*.

Also, on Wednesday, there was a mess on the sofa (the cleaners will be in tomorrow), on Friday the power was off in the whole quarter, and it took me half an hour to notice, on Saturday I got sunburned and did not manage to buy shoes.

For some unexplainable reason, I feel very tired.

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