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Food: Prune Pizza - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Sep. 9th, 2012

07:55 pm - Food: Prune Pizza

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I wanted to make a very simple plum cake on a yeast dough base, and the result was some kind of plum pizza that you could slice, and eat out of the hand.

I made a dough from 250g of dark wheat flour (not whole grain). Dissolved about 10g of fresh yeast and a teaspoon of white sugar into about 50 or 60 ml hand-warm milk, then poured in on the flour and let it raise, covered by a damp cloth. I let it raise at room temperature for about 20 or 25 minutes, until it was bubbly.

Meanwhile, I took one egg from the fridge, melted 30 grams of butter and let it cool to hand-warm. I threw the egg and the butter on the dough, as well as some ground coriander seeds, a little cinnamon, a pinch of salt, and two more teaspoons of white sugar and started kneading with the hand mixer, adding milk carefully by the tablespoon. I think I used about 100 ml milk, all in all. The dough formed a nice ball quickly but was a little heavy, I added more milk until it considered getting stuck to the bottom of the bowl again. Then I got it out, spread some flour on my hands, and started kneading energetically.

When the whole thing was nice and smooth, back into the bowl it went, cloth on top, and I let it raise for about one hour or maybe more at room temperature, until it had doubled in size.

I had cleaned about 750 grams of prunes earlier. Now I mixed a tablespoon of ground hazelnuts, a tablespoon of fine breadcrumbs, and one tablespoon of fine dark brown sugar in a small bowl, and set the oven to heat to 220°C

I spread a little flour on the workspace and rolled the dough to a medium-thin pizza crust, maybe half a centimetre thick. Turned it around in between and put some more flour on the table, so it would be easier to get off later.

Moving the thing to a baking tray was pleasantly easy. I then spread a good tablespoon of prune butter on the dough, covered it with half the nut/sugar/crumbs-mix, then put on the open-halved prunes, soft side up, as tightly as they would go. Spread the rest of the mix on top of the prunes, covered with baking paper and the damp cloth, and let raise on top of the heating oven for about 10 or 15 minutes.

Then baked it for 30 or 35 in the lower half of the oven.

As I said, the result was very pizza-like. Had I known I might have put some basil leaves on the prune butter before adding the mix and the prunes.

I suspect that if one uses pastry flour and leaves out the egg (using a little more milk, maybe, or just water), one will get a fluffier crust and the whole thing will be more cake-like. But I actually like it a lot the way it turned out.

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