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Preparations, Day 3 and 4 - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Wed Nov. 28th, 2012

10:10 pm - Preparations, Day 3 and 4

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Tuesday was a loss. The man from the moving company was supposed to be in by 10, but he couldn't make it and only appeared at half past 11, and that set theme and mood for the day.

I couldn't get in gear, it was grey and rainy and I felt like a puddle on the floor. Nothing worked as it should. People did not call back or could not be reached, the expert I had expected to be available for final check of the flat wasn't, they guy who could have helped me get an expert on the matter within 24 hours could not be reached, getting flederkatz's birthday present and Nikolaus gift wrapped took forever because stuff that should be there wasn't.

It got dark around half past three and I had enough. I drove to the gym, lifted some weights, felt a little better. Took a hot shower, went to singing lesson, cancelled band practises, cooked dinner, and felt so much better that I managed to re-do all the book entries for momox (the book buyer), who had generously sent me a 5 Euro gift coupon for my trouble.

So the day ended a lot better than it had started, but still, not much did get done.


I decided that the problem was insufficient breakfast and insufficient sleep, so I set my alarm for 9, slept until 10, and then went to the bakery for fresh rolls and a newspaper. Until noon I busied myself with food and reading, and then found myself getting impatient to get stuff done.

I started to tackle the balcony, where one giant flowerpot and three large ones held mostly dead plants -- only to find that I had run out of strong garbage bags. So, off to the home improvement store (which is nearer than the supermarket). Equipped with enough bags, I started to dig. I think I might have saved the rosemary and the sage: I dug them out and put them into smaller pots to put in the library. The other plants were dead or not worth saving. The lemon balm had roots so deep I couldn't dig it out, but in the end lifted the complete contents of the giant pot into the trash bag. Yeah for lifting heavy things!

After all that, I did not feel like cleaning the balcony. Weather forecast says, heavy rains expected, I'll give nature's self-cleaning mechanism a chance.

Managed to finish some of the overdue paperwork, then went for ensemble practise. Skipped choir practise to meet with Snow who, in absence of a building expert, will have to impersonate one tomorrow. The temperature dropped while I was walking over, and icy rain started falling in thick drops. I have hopes for the balcony.


Tomorrow morning, there will be the Handing Over of Keys. And later, meeting with cat net guy, and with the painter. In between, getting letters posted and parcels sent, and to the gym again. And, if the weather forecast is right, storm and sleet. Let's see how it works out.

Now: food, tea, a hot water bottle, and bed.

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