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Weekend! - The Lyorn's Den

Mon Dec. 3rd, 2012

12:02 am - Weekend!

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I gave myself two days off from all the preparing-to-move issues.

Went to air the flat on Saturday, went to town to buy some books and a handbag to go with my new clothes, had breakfast and coffee, went back to bed for some more sleep, got up and went to the gym (all by bicycle -- it was freezing, but no rain or sleet, just light snow now and then), and spend the evening reading.

Today, I packaged the book for my aunt (I decided to keep "Poor Economics" for now, it's still shrink wrapped, and give her "Delusions of Gender" instead, although I would have liked to keep it for myself), got into my spiffy new clothes and even used some make-up (what is the world coming to???), and through a snowstorm I drove to my aunt's place. There was slush on the Autobahn, and more in the small towns I went through, and as my aunt lives on a very small gravel street up a very steep hill, I was kind of worried, but Secunda with her new winter tyres managed quite well.

People complimented me on my get-up, we drove to a nearby restaurant and had a very good and very long five-course-lunch. The years before, we had met at my aunt's place afterwards for coffee, brandy and talk, but she was not feeling too well (it's age, comes for everybody) and we dispersed. I was home at half past seven, discovered that I had run out of cat food (so the cats got yoghurt with boiled oats, and some cat treats) then talked to my mother on the phone (she's complaining that there are too many parties she has to attend), finished Pratchett's "Snuff", and thought about high mimesis, low mimesis and irony, and how the Discworld novels would fit on this scale and if there was some useful understanding to be gained from thinking about it.

And now I'm checking my e-mail and then off to bed.

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