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Preparations, Day 7 and 8 - The Lyorn's Den

Tue Dec. 4th, 2012

11:57 pm - Preparations, Day 7 and 8

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I had an appointment with the insurance agent at 11 am, because new flat means, several insurances have to be updated. But at half past nine, while I was digging out the paperwork that would be needed, the phone rang and the construction manager suggested that I come over right now so that the carpet layer (it's not a carpet, but I think it's the name of the job) could get in and fix what the painters had damaged.

So I jumped into the car in what was pretty much my pyjamas and a cardigan, raced over to the new flat, and camped out in the middle of the living room, read the newspaper and felt in need of coffee, while the carpet layer cursed the painter and his whole family line and decided that the damaged parts had to be replaced.

I left then, because it was a quarter to eleven, and asked the carpet layer to just shut the door when he left, I would come in later and lock. He grumbled that I needn't hurry, he would be busy for another four hours, probably.

The moment I came home, the phone rang: The insurance agent could not make it, and could we meet in the afternoon? I suggested the evening instead, and went to make much-needed coffee.

My father showed up at 12 to take me for lunch. (Originally, we had intended to meet for dinner, but it did not work out.) We had roasted goose in a country inn. Very tasty, quite filling (I did not even consider dessert), and traditional for the season. Afterwards, we went to have a look at the flat. The rain had stopped, and the carpet layer was about to leave.

Back home, I looked at my to-do list and found that there were letters to post, books to put in the exchange box in town, and not enough food in the house, so I got on my bicycle. It started to snow.

I ran around in town a lot more than I might have needed. Drank Gløgg at the Christmas market (strong stuff, but on a foundation of roast goose it just made me warm and content), bought chocolate, forgot the books and had to walk back, but finally managed to accomplish everything I set out to do.

Back home, I had barely time to finish digging up the insurance papers before the insurance agent showed up. Everything took longer than expected, since his laptop was painfully slow. We talked about books a little, I signed some papers, and the work for that day was done. I baked some gingerbread muffins for the weekend, checked my mail, and went to bed.


On this day, the kitchen appliances would be delivered. So I got up too early again, afraid to be too late, drove through the sleet, had breakfast in a bakery, and ran into the construction manager on the way to the new flat, who said, "good thing you're here, I'll send the plumber up". Really, it is incredible how much small stuff needs fixing after a project is officially completed and released. It should not surprise me (I work in software development, for goodness' sake), but still, I'm baffled.

Plumber finished whatever was there to plumb, I spread a blanket on the floor and read some, and when he was gone I curled up on the blanket, wrapped myself in my coat and caught up on sleep.

At eleven-something my cell phone rang. The kitchen delivery men were at the back door, and they were not happy. Because, when you hand over the keys to 12 or so brand-new, empty flats, two days later, everyone will have kitchen appliances, washing machines or furniture delivered, and neither the hallway nor the elevator were designed to allow for speedy distribution of the contents of four light lorries.

After some discussion that was kept from getting heated only by the miserable cold which made everyone more prone to complaining than to rage, the delivery men decided to just carry my stuff upstairs and not wait for the elevator to become available. Good thing I'm only one stairway up! Also, good thing I did not have a washing machine delivered. The fridge was bad enough.

I gave a large tip, and, alone again in the place, looked at the kitchen-to-be, and at the wall sockets, and noticed that some were not only superfluous, but were so in a place where they might be blocking necessary installations. I made a drawing and went to the carpentry that is to build in the kitchen on Friday. They looked at it and said, those sockets have to go. Did I mention how much a never-ending stream of bugs in a supposed-to-be-finished project annoys me?

To make everything better, I looked at cat gear. Found a scratching post that the cats might enjoy and discovered that I could do the construction in the hallway that I am thinking of. Next stop was the gym, which was nearly empty in the early afternoon, which was nice. I might not get around to practise the guitar, but at least I'm keeping up with my exercise program.

Back home, I had lunch, talked to my mother on the phone, and took a nap. Got up in time for singing lessons (Gwydion and I had agreed to cancel band practise, as Ceridwen was away, I was busy, and the weather was rotten), and back in time for dinner and another round of baking muffins.

Somewhere in between all that, the painter called back. He will take care of the cat-damaged walls and the generally greying paint in the old flat the week before Christmas. Good.

And now I have to prepare some letters (again).


Tomorrow I will post the letters, get my spare key and a cat transport box from I___'s parents, and meet N___ at IKEA for breakfast, and then look at furniture.

Unless, of course, tomorrow is the only day where I can catch the electrician and have him remove the unneeded sockets.

And choir practise in the evening. I meant to learn first soprano in the song the ensemble is working on, because in theory there are three first sopranos, but in reality there is one, and she has trouble with the rhythm. Didn't get around to it. *sigh*.

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