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Preparations: Day 11, 12 and 13 - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Sun Dec. 9th, 2012

07:18 pm - Preparations: Day 11, 12 and 13

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Friday I was to get the kitchen for the new flat. I had chosen it about a year or more ago, there had been trouble of this kind and that, wrong plans, missing plans, plans that should have been sent to me for checking but instead got sent to the builders, who promptly followed them... In other words, a world of SNAFU.

But finally, it was time to get the thing installed. The appliances had arrived on Tuesday, and on Friday I got up at early dawn, to a winter's morning of -7°C, packed a blanket and a book and drove first to the café for breakfast. The sky was getting pink and my scalding hot coffee was getting drinkable when my mobile rang and the carpenters said that they were now on-site -- half an hour early.

Better early than late -- I downed my coffee and was on site five minutes later. Heaps of stuff got moved inside. A floodlight and a radio were plugged in. Stuff appeared out of boxes. Boxes got ripped and flattened and stashed away, saws and hammers and a multitude of drills came out. I went into a neighbouring room with my blanket and fell asleep on the floor.

I woke every half-hour when the radio brought the news, checked on the progress of work (fast in the beginning, then slower as the smaller stuff was done) and went back to cuddle in my coat and blanket and sleep, or nap, or at least doze and dream strange things.

Around half past eleven, my mobile rang. Travelling Utto had decided to pay a visit, was at Gwydion's place and was asking how he could be of use. When my sleep- and radio-addled mind cleared enough to make a decision, I suggested he come over. What he did.

The kitchen guys finished around two. Most things worked. Not all, though. I need to make a few calls to inform the kitchen company what is missing, and the builders that some of the power sockets are not working. Sigh.

But the whole thing looked very pretty and was mostly functional, which was more than I had dared to expect.

Utto and I than picked up 70 empty boxes from the moving company. (Fortunately, Utto has a van) and then went for lunch at a Vietnamese fast food place, because we had less than one hour until we expected cat net guy to show up.

Cat net guy, however, showed up only one hour after the expected time, because there had been traffic jams. By then, Utto and I had discussed the details of every single room, and started to make plans for built-in cabinets.

Cat net guy worked outside in the cold, while Utto and I sat on the heated floor and made shopping lists.

Finally, at half past nine, the cat net was done, I was goddamned tired, hungry, exhausted and in pain, and we all went home. Still, that was a day of real progress.


I am a very very lucky person, because when I need a little help from my friends (or a great lot of help), I can rely on five to ten people showing up and being helpful, organised and generally competent.

This time was no exception. I had barely bought bread, sausages and cheese, and made tea, when Snow, Utto and Gwydion stood on my doorstep to help me pack. Not much later, A___ and N___ also showed up. Between us, we got about 60 boxes packed before 6 p.m., and we even had time for some rest in the afternoon before we could continue on second wind.

After the horror of Gwydion's move, 16 months ago, I had sworn that I would be well-prepared. Well, I wasn't. I had not tidied up, not packed a handbag, document bag and overnight bag, I had not cleaned, and all the small things and clutter was spread around the place just like every other day.

And despite all that, we made incredible progress, and though Snow and Utto sounded close to strangling each other, they didn't.

Tully the Tabby was disapproving of the ruckus, but curious, while Serious Cat Jerome did not show as much as a single hair until the action had died down. Then he came out of hiding and looked very seriously at everything and seemed to ponder it.

I was dead on my feet by then. Read a little, then went to bed and couldn't sleep, because everything hurt. The dust had got into my eyes, which hurt worst of all, and in the end I had to take two ibuprofen to be able to sleep.


I am good at planning, organisation and logistics. I usually have a good idea what needs to be done, what is needed for it to be done, and how much effort it will take. What I am not good at is doing it. My practical skills are sadly undeveloped, I have two left hands and need five minutes to decide how to change a light bulb.

But Sunday, not only did Utto, Snow and Gwydion show up again, but so did G___, who is also good at the logistics side of things, and Cyrna and Cerene, and Mad Freddy and K___, who are all very good at getting stuff done. We filled the final boxes in record time, disassembled everything that could, remove shelves and curtains and dust bunnies of extraordinary size, and K___ prepared the washing machine for transport. All sticky bits got removed from tiles and windows, the balcony got cleaned, and at around four, the work was actually done.

I had put everything I did not want or could not use anymore in two big boxes, and a lot got picked up by my helpers. Most of the stuff I was happy to be rid of, but I had to let go every single one of my pots, because none will work with the new stove, and that made me very sad. Those were great pots, and buying new is such a hassle.

That's it. It's packed. There are 75 boxes. The cupboards are empty, the shelves are gone, the windows are dark. The cats mistrustfully inspect their changed environs. And I still cannot believe that I'm moving.

Last time, twelve years ago, I was happy to be gone. The old place had become a drag on my soul and my purse, it was past and it was shabby, it was impossible to clean and the kitchen was impossible to cook in. This time? I don't know...

Tomorrow, and the day after

Tomorrow Utto and I will create the build-in shelves and cabinet in the new place, and buy a carpet for the wall that the cats can use to climb. We will also pick up a kitchen stove for Utto's brother, and drive the wine glasses and (maybe) the plants, the bass and the guitar to the new flat.

And Tuesday in the morning, the movers will be here.

Thanks to everyone for help, patience, and good wishes! You're the best!!!

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