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The malice of the inanimate - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Fri Jan. 25th, 2013

08:57 am - The malice of the inanimate

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(or, in German, "Die Tücke des Objekts")

The building company had my shower stall installed, but one non-vital but very useful part that I ordered and already paid for is missing. They are not returning my calls or my e-mails.

The wall behind the sink in the kitchen has got its sheet of glass finally, and is looking great, but the power sockets are dead *again*.

The place is getting into shape, but I am not happy with the smell. I like the smell of stone and concrete, but the interior materials smell less good, also, there's a smell of cat (unavoidable) and of worn socks (I should do something about it).

I have landline, but I cannot connect to the internet, because the codes the company has given me are not working.

I got a bicycle to get from the train station to my place of work. It is red, and has broad wheels which are very good on the bad roads. But the saddle is hell, and in the -7° C and snow this morning, the back brake got stuck in "break" position.

There is snow, but there is no sun.

I am not happy with things at the moment, and had bad dreams of cluttered rooms, late trains, and escaped cats again.

Good thing with no "but": The cobbler fixed my winter boots for less than 5 Euro.

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