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Annoying things on the internet - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Jan. 27th, 2013

11:29 pm - Annoying things on the internet

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There's a guy on YouTube asking a question about a thing I am passionate about, and I could easily give him the information he's looking for. Unfortunately, he does not have contact info online. One would have to sign up for youtube or twitter or facebook.

Passionate or not, I will not jump through these hoops to answer a simple question.

It's AOL all over again.

And, while I'm at it: GEMA vs. YouTube (in German). GEMA is complaining that YouTube is meeeeaaaan to them by writing "cannot show because of GEMA" on vids blocked in Germany. The linked article gives some background and a "brought that on yourself."

While that gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling of Schadenfreude, this doesn't: Bayrischer Rundfunk stellt Space Night ein wegen, na, ratet mal. ETA Feb 20th: Doch nicht: BR-Space Night koppelt GEMA-Modul ab.

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