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Water. Too much of it. - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Jun. 2nd, 2013

12:01 am - Water. Too much of it.

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Three days of heavy rain on the already sodden ground. Cellar flooded. Good things: #1 Water clean. #2 My cellar and Ceridwen's on non-flooded side, managed to keep it that way.

Worked two hours yesterday, six hours today. Got to know the neighbors. Found that women are more effective in a crisis than men, because they do the work instead of standing around and talking. Already knew that. Gwydion counts as a honorary woman.

Glad to have taken up heavy lifting as a hobby.
Also, glad to own water sandals with a very non-slippery sole.

Hoping very, very much that there will be no more rain tonight.

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