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More water. And food. - The Lyorn's Den

Tue Jun. 4th, 2013

02:10 pm - More water. And food.

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It rained all the rest of Saturday, all of Sunday and most of Monday. The neighbourhood took turns pumping and mopping water. Monday, the caretakers came in and took care. Monday evening we discovered that water had come through the wall in a cellar close to Ceridwen's and had gone into her boxes of books. :-&

Fortunately I had the gaming group over and we quickly sorted the dry into my cellar, the wet into her flat.

Today the sun shines. The bicycle paths that run between the river and the Autobahn are flooded. My car is in the shop for technical inspection. I will still try and get some shelving from the home improvement store this evening.

Flederkatz arrived Sunday evening. Today she's opening the new store that she's now manager of.

Considering that it was like winter, I did a wintery stew for the gaming group:

I diced about 600g grams of beef for stew and some onions. Cut a bit each of celery, leek and carrots very fine, and crushed a few cloves of garlic. Browned that in ghee, then deglazed with red wine and some broth. Added tomato paste, chili flakes, rosemary twigs, laurel leaves, crushed allspice, some sugar, and a good amount of Worcestershire sauce, and let it slow boil for 20 minutes. In the meantime, peeled and diced 2 kg potatoes and another pound of carrots. Put them in, cover with broth, continue slow boil for 15 minutes. Add three handfuls of buckwheat groats, about 1 lb. frozen green beans and the same amount of canned white beans (washed). Bring to slow boil again, keep on it for another 5 minutes. Then add salt, black pepper, more wine, sugar and Worcestershire sauce to taste. Let it set on the cooling plate for 5 or 10 more minutes. Serve with rye bread and butter or lard.

This goes on my list of "picks you up on a damp and dreary day"-food.

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