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Wed Jul. 24th, 2013

08:54 am - Gaming and stuff

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Our biweekly role playing game session on Monday was plagued by chaos, or by the personal attention of the group's magicians patron god (whose spheres of influence are magic, fire and mischief). In fact, it was quite fun. I never saw so many botches rolled in one session. In the big final fight in the damp, narrow earth tunnels under the ruined city, swords and shields went flying left and right, the 9th level warlock suffered from wand failure (good for the group), people were falling over their untied shoelaces (despite wearing boots) or slipping on invisible turtles, the archer mostly hit the ground right in front of her... I suspect in the end it was good for the group, because they were under normal fighting strength.

Chaos bled into RL, too, in several ways, the most annoying of those was an utter absence of parking spaces in front of my place, and my inability to usefully describe the way to the parking spaces at the railway station one street over, so I had to walk out and guide the car.

Sunday, we had been playing Blue Planet. Brand-new campaign, new characters: Flederkatz's "Honeys, I'm home!" present. The group is designed for serious troubleshooting, with two ex-military fighters, a cat burglar, a spy, and a field tech... and my forensic accountant. If this works, it might be fun. We got hired by someone who would be Charlie if we were angels, for a detective/general problem solving agency. (Previous campaign, all trouble came to us until the heavy building crane that had been suspending disbelief failed, so we wanted to seek out trouble this time.) Our current task is to salvage cargo from a dinghy that sunk (probably) in a storm, before anyone else does it. We did the preparations, next time, we'll see what happens...

And just when I was home, had taken a shower and made tea, my mobile rang to tell me, that (again) the AC in our old server room had failed, and could I do something about it? So I drove over at half past ten, shut our single leftover machine in that room down, drove home, drank the cold tea, went to bed and made plans how to get off that dammed emergency list for that stupid little room.

Yesterday, there was a meeting of the owner's association for the block where my new flat is. Those things are horrible. One hundred people, most of which have put their life's savings into a single project, trying to decide what to do with the project. I amused myself with understanding the numbers faster than the property manager could explain them, and with observing the patterns of rhetoric. It's amusing how fast a proposition that most people could easily be sympathetic to can go down if the person proposing gets into a two-minute off-topic diatribe about the kids from the wrong side of the street, or the carefully applied vocabulary of the property manager who dislikes satellite dishes on the shiny new building.

Anyway, after three hours I just could not sit anymore on the awful chair in that room, and the topics had gone to "miscellaneous", so I left.

Generally, life is ticking along. July does it's best to show the lackadaisical previous six months of the year how a real month does its jobs. Until yesterday evening, not a single drop of rain and not a single daylight hour without sunshine, yet only after three weeks of this the thermometer got up to 30°C in the shade. It has become a good thing that spring and early summer left the ground soaking wet and all reservoirs filled. Last time we had weather this dry in high summer, we had the largest forest fire in the history of the country, about 20 km to the east of where I lived.

I bicycle to work most days, do not sleep enough, and don't know where the time goes. So, what else is new?

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Date:July 25th, 2013 09:42 am (UTC)

Blue Planet

Well, I don't see myself so much as a fighter, but I suppose I might work well as a shield wall... we'll see, and maybe already during the next session.
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Date:July 25th, 2013 12:29 pm (UTC)

Re: Blue Planet

I don't see myself so much as a fighter,

With that size, you probably don't have to *G*

We'll find out. ;-)
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