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Cherries et Circensis - The Lyorn's Den

Mon Aug. 5th, 2013

11:52 pm - Cherries et Circensis

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Flederkatz and her boyfriend P___ still do not have a kitchen, so I invited them, as well as Ceridwen and Gwydion, for some "real food", and a game of "Settlers of Catan" on Sunday.

Food-wise, it's cherry season, and we hadn't had meat in a while, so I made Pork fillet bits with sour cherries.

This was very simple, but as I'm a tiny bit crazy when it comes to cooking, I bought a kilo of fresh sour cherries, so I had to de-stone a whole bowlful. Sour cherries are small and soft, and the juice is very red. It was a good thing that I was wearing a dark green top, and was working on the stone table on the balcony. Still, in the end there were a lot of bright blood-red splotches everywhere...

Before de-stoning the cherries, I took the two pork fillets I had bought and cut them in pieces of about 5 cm length, pressed the pieces perpendicular to the fibre and so created nicely formed medallions.

I pressed and chopped four cloves of very fresh, juicy garlic, mixed it with the leaves from a few branches of thyme, a pinch of sugar, a little sweet vinegar, and enough olive oil to fill an espresso cup. Put the medallions in a bowl and spread the mix on each layer before starting the next. A little marinade goes a long way.

Let it rest in the fridge for about three hours.

Half an hour before I expected everyone to arrive, I heated the oven to 80°C, greased a casserole dish with a tiny bit of olive oil, and heated a good amount of ghee in a large pan. I fried the medallions about 2 minutes on each side, put them in the dish, added salt, and left it to the oven to get them done.

Then I re-heated the pan and deglazed it with dry sherry and some water. Added the cherries ,and a large twig of thyme, about a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of ground black pepper, and cooked it on medium high with open lid until it became sauce-shaped. Finished it with a splash of white balsamic vinegar and a little bit of salt. Finally, I stirred in about a teaspoon of starch dissolved in water, brought to boil for 15 seconds or so, then flederkatz (who had arrived by then) put it in a bowl which also went into the oven to keep hot.

Finally I made polenta. I always use instant polenta and a mix of milk and broth to cook it. For five people, I should have used a larger pot. Note to self: Never ask the milk, "Why don't you boil already?" Milk dislikes being asked stupid questions.

Anyway, the polenta, when done, also went into the oven, the table was laid, Ceridwen and Gwydion arrived and brought a salad in which goat's cheese and walnuts featured prominently.

For starters, I made mango lassi, because I had bought a glass of mango pulp. I just threw together about 100 grams of the pulp and 300 grams of yoghurt in a mixing jar, added a good half litre of water and a few ice cubes, then used the blender to mix it. Everyone but me would have liked sugar in it, so I know for next time.

The food was very good, the meat very tender (good quality meat is really worth it, even if it means you can serve it only twice a month!) and the hot cherries went with it as well as I had hoped. I loved the salad, too. For dessert, we raided Ceridwen's ice cream supply. The banana caramel one was best, we agreed.

We finished with coffee and then played a long round of Settlers, which Ceridwen won (as usual, I am tempted to say). When we finished, it was too late for a second round, so we continued with "Zoff im Zoo" (a simple card game). P___ won both rounds, one in record time.

Around eleven we called it a night, and I offered to walk flederkatz and her boyfriend to the train station -- because of construction work, the paths are always shifting.

Unfortunately, not only the paths shifted, but also the platforms, and the time tables, so, after waiting about 45 minutes for a train, we lost patience, walked back to my place, and I drove them home.

So of course I overslept on Monday...

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