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Journal-y things: This week - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Sep. 1st, 2013

09:41 pm - Journal-y things: This week

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This week was generally fine, even the parts that should now have been.

Summer is mostly over, the air and the light already promise autumn, though they are not quite there yet. Saturday last week I was wondering whether I should water Ceridwen's garden -- she was on vacation. But clouds were rolling in, and before I went to bed I heard the sound of rain. It rained all Sunday, the kind of rain you rarely get here, the one that plans to stay for while and has no need of strong wind, or a downpour, or any other kind of drama. In the morning I went to get bread rolls in shorts, water sandals and a rain jacket, so that I would at least be able to dry quickly. After breakfast, I went to the gym, and then met flederkatz in town. There was a small beerfest in the marketplace, and some of the shops would be open. Rain was falling steadily, but we did not let that stop us. I bought a felt hat from a craftswoman, we got photographed by a reporter, we ate grilled fish and bought coffee in a fair trade store that was crowded, because it was dry, heated, and full of colour. Then we called it a day.

The rest of the week was dry and I bicycled to work four days out of five, and brought my summer total for the "Bicycle to work" campaign up to 1600 km. Every evening was free, so I had time to edit some stories and read, and even get enough sleep.

Thursday I went to the gym again, attempting to get back into the habit after the summer break. I found that I had lost a lot of upper-body-strength and had become very bad at running, however, core strength was doing fine, and I can't complain about my deadlifts.

Friday I had a performance evaluation at work and found (again) that other people always evaluate my performance a lot higher than I do.

And Saturday I selected and ordered the cupboards and shelves for the living room, a task that took over four hours, because the store had the planning software running on XP machines that were not up to complex vector graphics anymore and kept crashing. WTF, they sell chairs for twice what a decent desktop would cost, XP has less than a year left to live, why are the annoying their customers and employees with antique technology? (Yeah, I know...)

Anyway, by December the living room should be a place of order and tidiness, and the shabby but time-honoured filing cabinet will be gone, as will the mix'n'match of cheap pine bookshelves. Goodness, I'm getting old.

Today, Sunday, I should have gone to the gym, but I had a list as long as my arm of housework that needed doing, so that's what I did. I also baked a cake, so I have something to feed the role playing gamers tomorrow.

According to the forecast, summer will be making a comeback next week. But it will be dark when I get up, and temperature will be in the single digits (°C) when I bicycle to work. (At least I have a new hat!) The "blessings" of DST: It makes winter last seven months, and summer only three. Maybe I should just stay in bed longer, and work 10 to 7 instead of 8 to 5.

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