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Journal-y things: This Week. - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Sun Sep. 8th, 2013

10:42 pm - Journal-y things: This Week.

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If last week was better than expected even when it shouldn't have been, this week ...wasn't.

Without getting too much into talking about things I have no business talking about:

Sunday, Gwydion and Ceridwen returned from their vacation. I fed them cake, and we had a nice evening.

Monday, the role playing gamers did not come. N___ wanted to see a movie which showed only one night, I___ was not well, Snow hasn't been well and has been incommunicado for months now, G___ is still on vacation (lucky guy!), so again I ate cake with Gwydion (who had just got bad news and had forgotten his notes) and Ceridwen. Then we went through our notes and found that at least five years have passed on the game world since we started playing that campaign. Well, it's been ten years IRL. Scary.

Tuesday morning at half past six I got a call from I___ that she had got much worse and needed someone to drive her to the emergency room. Which I did, on a strange, clear morning promising unseasonal warmth. I did a bunch of phone calls for her also, and in the afternoon brought her an emergency bag for a hospital stay. Between work and that, I had to go to the doctor myself, because I seem to be anaemic, and had to see a haematologist. Who, of course, took blood samples. Third time in six weeks. Little wonder I am anaemic! It was a hot day, and I started to feel a little off and funny in the head.

The weirdness shows in Tuesday's post, which (in case you do not read German) is a traditional nonsense poem, a few lines of which had come to my mind ("and the times got harder and harder/and the bread rolls got smaller and smaller/and in the end they came bitten into//then the mass dying began/ten men in one coffin, and everyone wanted a window seat"). I looked up more parts of it, and found it for the first time since I've known it strangely dark and surreal and very well suited to what was going on in my head. So I turned the form into stanzas and chorus, and, well, posted it.

In evening I met with Gwydion and Ceridwen for band practise, and discovered to my surprise that my voice in the middle range was half again as loud and twice as "solid" as it usually is. I scared myself when I opened my mouth.

Wednesday, the "off" got me and I stayed home sick and slept most of the day. In the evening I went to ensemble practise (by car -- bicycling 4 km seemed too much). We were only five singers and had a very pleasant and productive practise. It's now the third autumn that we are working on a pretty and difficult christmas song, and this year we might just manage it.

Thursday my stomach still felt queasy, but not too much. I bicycled to work again, but took it slowly, and did not do much after getting home. Flederkatz had asked to borrow the car, but she was running on fumes herself. There is still construction going on in her flat, and she has to run the store on her own (again) because too many people are sick. And not just, queasy stomach or broken leg, but the kind where they might come back after six weeks or six months, or not at all. It's similar at my place of work, and Ceridwen says that she's also short half a dozen people in her office. I'm starting to feel as if we are all hanging on by the skin of our teeth, and see others failing to hold on and falling, falling all around us. It's very unsettling.

Friday again I went for "take it easy". I bicycled to work put in 6 hours of work, slept in the early evening and made macaroons later, and that was it.

Saturday I was halfway up to form again. Went swimming in the morning -- it was warm and sunny, so I only did 1.3 km, too many people there. Had breakfast, did my shopping, did some shopping for I___ and visited her, went home and met Flederkatz, who had finally found the energy to get the car and continue with construction work and cleanup, and then went to town to have dinner with Ceridwen. We went to that American-style place where I had already been with Flederkatz twice. Ceridwen had fish, I continued my project to try all the burgers on the menu. We finished with a cocktail and some good talk. Back home, the alcohol and probably the type of week it had been drove me to the chocolate box, and when I went to sleep I was slightly drunk, well-fed, warm and more content than I had been all week.

Today, Sunday, we met at mad_freddy's again to play Blue Planet. Flederkatz was GMing, and we were playing the finale of a starter adventure. Our job was to retrieve a bunch of stuff that had been stolen by pirates. We managed to complete the task without a single combat roll: Just explained more-or-less nicely to all the new owners of the stuff that the stuff was big trouble and that we would buy it back, no questions asked. We were done at 2 pm, and I felt strangely at loose ends. So I went to bed again and slept for another three hours. Sleep is good.

Now it is raining outside, and it sounds as if it is not going to stop any time soon. Assuming (well, fervently hoping, actually) that there won't be any more disasters jumping me from out of the bushes, tomorrow I'll take the car to work, and go to the gym in the afternoon. As G___ is still on the other side of the world, there won't be a role playing game tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to the movies with Ceridwen.

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