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Food: Lamb and Bean Stew - The Lyorn's Den

Sun Sep. 15th, 2013

11:28 pm - Food: Lamb and Bean Stew

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This was cooking from scratch. It would have been a lot easier with refrigerated beans and tomatoes from a can, but I really wanted to try it with fresh ingredients... so.

I got two pounds of saddle of lamb and had the butcher cut the meat from the bones and chop the bones. Meat to bones was about 2:1. Also, two pounds of bush beans, one and a half point of beef tomatoes, one pound of potatoes, and a few twigs of garden savory. I also needed an onion and two laurel leaves, ghee, salt, black pepper and parsley, but I had those at home.

Usually I would have prepared lamb with garlic and rosemary, I was curious how this would turn out.

Took the big pot (8 litres), heated a tablespoon of ghee and browned the meat and the bones. Chopped the onion finely, threw it in and browned it, too. Then poured on enough water to half cover the meat, added the savory and the laurel leaves as well as some salt and pepper, and a tablespoon of concentrated tomato paste, because I felt it would do good. Deglazed a little and let it slow boil for about one hour. Turned it once or twice in that time.

In she meantime, washed and cleaned the beans (cut of the tips, mostly), peeled the potatoes, and cut everything into pieces that felt OK for a stew.

After the hour, I added beans and potatoes, and more water, to nearly cover everything. Brought to boil and kept on medium boil for 20 minutes.

Peeled the beef tomatoes and tried to get out the seeds and the slimy stuff. Should I ever believe it a good idea to attempt that again, I'll try cutting the tomatoes in a 90° angle to the stem, and hope that I can then access all the places where the seeds hide.

Added the mangled tomatoes and let slow-boil for another ten minutes.

Then set the heat to "keep warm", fished out the bones and the meat, the laurel leaves and the twigs. Cut as much meat from the bones as possible, threw bones and herbs out. Cut the meat into small bites and put it back in.

It needed more pepper and a lot more salt, and felt greasy in the mouth, so I dissolved one tablespoon of starch in some water, stirred it in, brought everything to boil again for about 30 seconds (lots of stirring), so the starch could do its job.

Served with chopped parsley and rye bread.

This would have fed 6 people, or four, if they were hungry -- it's quite filling. I had a large serving yesterday and today, and you can guess what the role players will get for dinner tomorrow.

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