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Journal-y things: Last week, not getting much done. - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Tue Sep. 17th, 2013

11:29 pm - Journal-y things: Last week, not getting much done.

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I did not manage to do any of the things planned for this week. But I did manage to do a few others, so it wasn't a complete loss. Also, rain.

I'm reading last week's entry and it feels like I lost a week. (Checks calendar). No, didn't. Just feels like it. Autumn has come, rain is falling, and time has become a tangled ball of timey-wimey stuff. Antediluvian flotsam washes up on my mental beach, while yesterday's footprints are erased forever, and time rolls downwards the slope of the year, gathering speed all the way. One day, quite suddenly and unexpected, it will be Christmas.

For now it's autumn. The school holidays are over. September tries to outdo July in taking its role in the year seriously, and overdoes it. Bavarian elections have come and gone, proving once more that nothing ever changes.

Monday was no fun at all at work. We had our regular meeting and the co-workers wanted to know why I take so long to finish any task. Uh, what part of "I am making this stuff up as I go along, I have no idea how it is supposed to work, and how it will look like when it works" don't you get? Extrapolating from very little data is something I do well, but it takes time. And no, I will not release the first draft of a module which might turn out to be a rat with two heads and no whiskers instead of the milchcow you expect it to be, without a sanity check.

G__ was still on vacation, so, no gaming that Monday. I did something unprecedented: Ripped not-yet-dead arugula from a pot on the balcony and planted asters instead. Looked pretty, and I felt quite accomplished, though guilty about killing the arugula.

I slept too little on Tuesday night, overslept in the morning and barely made it through the day. I was in desperate need for some shut-eye before singing lessons, but H___ had half an hour to kill and dropped by, didn't want tea or cookies, made remarks about my dinner, and left me barely enough time to take down the washing when he left. As expected, singing lessons did not go well, as I was angry and defensive. We did not hold band practise afterwards, because Gwydion had a wisdom tooth out and was not up to singing. Or speaking. Or much of anything.

Wednesday I had planned to go to a concert, and had excused myself from ensemble practise. Weather looked OK and I needed air, so I bicycled to work, and got soaked on the way home. It rained all evening, and I did not get out again. Instead I cooked a nice hot dinner, and played with the cats.

I had taken Thursday and Friday off on comp time. The plan was to go to the city for shopping one day, break in my new hiking boots another one, bake a cake, and go to the gym. So much for plans.

Thursday's weather forecast promised rainstorms. So I spent a day with mostly sunny weather (give or take a few showers) indoors, drank a lot of tea, cleaned the sofas, and sunk so deep into laziness that I did not even go to the gym.

Friday, of course, it war raining the whole dammed day. I still went into town (by commuter train), because staying inside another day would have driven me crazy. First stop on my shopping list was a camera store, where I actually, finally, after three years of playing with the idea, bought a camera. It had taken me three years, because I could never decide what I actually wanted (Well, I knew I wanted it to be "Just like my old one, only 1/10 of the weight and 1/10 of the cost, and digital" -- yeah, sure.) In the end (as usual) I had lost patience with my indecision. So I went to a store that looked as if it knew it's business, asked the salesman to show me cameras for vacation pictures (mostly daylight, nature, architecture) and bought the second one he showed me.

I also got comic books (the first trade paperback of Terry Moore's current series, "Rachel Rising", among other things), the first gingerbread of the season, and a good early dinner. I tried on some winter coats (too expensive) and got rained on a lot. Took the train home and arrived when the light faded, for good strong tea and reading.

So, Friday could have been better, but really, it wasn't bad.

Saturday was cold. It was also the last day of the outdoor pool season, and I attempted to do 2 or 2.5 km. The pool was empty enough for that, but the cold got me. When I found myself underwater with no idea how I got there for the second time, I gave up at 1.8 km. (Probably. I might have lost count.) After that I took I___ shopping, did my own shopping. Ripped out more faded summer flowers from the balcony pots and planted chrysanthemums. Cooked lamb stew in the evening and was quite happy with the way it turned out. Drank tea. Very autumn-y, all in all.

Went voting on Sunday morning -- first time in my new hiking boots! -- and felt exhausted and not up to it the whole 2 km walk. So much for the vague idea to do some hiking. This sometimes happens. My heart beats in my throat, there does not seem to be enough air, and I feel as if I am moving through jelly. I can walk through it, but it takes at least 90 miserable minutes. Other days, I can happily traipse uphill, downhill for 25 kilometres before breakfast. Anyway, Sunday = more laziness, more lamb stew, and being vaguely dissatisfied with the week.

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