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Food: First the math, then the baking - The Lyorn's Den — LiveJournal

Sat Dec. 7th, 2013

06:56 pm - Food: First the math, then the baking

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After the very good results with the cookies from the Welsh cookbook, I attempted a tea-and-fruitcake today. You soak 10oz of mixed dried fruit in 2/3 pints of strong black tea overnight. Next day, drain, keep the fluid. Mix 12 oz dark wheat self-rising flour, 3 oz of brown sugar, some mixed spices (not specified, I used Lebkuchengewürz), a pinch of salt, the grated peel of one lemon, and the fruit, and add the tea until the dough is soft. Then bake at 180°C for about 45 minutes.

First, the flour had bugs. I threw it out and had to bicycle to the store to get more. And then I correctly chaged every ounce to grams by multiplying with 30. Except one. I used only 30 grams of sugar. (Notice the thirty appearing again? I blame that one.) It should have been 90 grams.

The dough really did not want to get mixed. The fluid wasn't enough to make it soft. I added water until all the dry stuff was wet. Then I got it into the oven, licked out the bowl and found the bitterness of strong black tea with not enough sugar in it.


I'll see how it tastes tomorrow.

ETA: Turned out fine. With less sugar, it tasted more like bread than like cake, so I served it with butter, and everyone liked it.

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